Is it fair for a woman to hit a man with force out of pure anger?

Asked by: thehairlessplant
  • Yes they should hit

    They should be allowed to hit men out of pure anger because men can hurt women more. Men can have a worse affect on a woman's perspective in life and her self-esteem. We now realized that we need more words. Okay we will stop writing as of right now. Thank for your time.

  • Yes and no abusive men need to be beat

    Any women that's hits a man is not a real woman but i do agree that some men need to be beat but not the good hearted who love and respects the women . Those are the ones they shouldn't be hitting under no circumstances because it is unladylike for a woman to hit a man. They should be grateful they have a good kind man who doesn't hit them

  • Nobody should ever hit anyone, regardless of what's between their legs.

    Violence is inexcusable on either side. And no matter what gender stereotypes will tell you, both men and women have been victims-- and perpetrators. No, men are not all "physically superior" to women; a woman is as just as capable of injuring a man as a man is of injuring a woman. And while society generally condemns men hitting women, when the tables are turned, the blame is placed on the (male) victim, who is stigmatized as being less of a man and is therefore unlikely to report the abuse.

  • Of COURSE it isn't, just like a man shouldn't hit a woman

    Men can't have a worse effect on a woman's self esteem, that is a complete generalization. I know many men who are far more emotional than the women that they are with. Why should women have the right to violence, knowing that a man does not? This just promotes inequality.

  • So women fought for power, not equality?!

    Ok, so I know women rights have been neglected in the past and they have fought long and hard to achieve them. But they did not fight for power, but for equality! And sometimes, even females have it easier, they need to face the fact that 'being a girl' is not a valid excuse any more. Males all over the world are not being treated equally either. I'm not arguing that males are better, but that everyone is should be treated equally. Sometimes males are jerks, I get that. But right now, I simply believe that females have more control/power in everyday life and get it a lot easier.

  • Read the law, people

    It amazes me how many times people ask these kinds of things, about whether women should be exempt from certain laws simply on the grounds that they are women. Hitting someone is an ASSAULT. It doesn't matter what gender you are, and it doesn't matter the gender of the person you hit.

  • No one should hit

    It is U.S. law that you are not to use concussive force on someone based on emotion, man or woman. Society just treats it like a joke. If a woman hit a man, people laugh and say the girl has taken charge. If a man hit a woman, they would throw him straight in jail. Just because men a physically superior, that does not give the woman right to hit him.

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