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  • No way, Joe.

    It is unfair for Christians to act like you owe them forgiveness when they do something wrong. Check my reference. According to Luke 17:3, you forgive when the offender repents, not before. I owe the offender forgiveness? No. They owe me repentance, and the Jesus Himself in the Bible backs me up.

  • No its not

    It is nobodys job to be called judge over someone else... The Christian faith say to not judge others, to let God do it... If that's the case why does Christians do it. They shouldn't.. Not according to the faith.... STOP TRYING TO BE GOD.... Let him take care of it

  • No, Christians are hypocrites!

    Christians are the most hypocritical individuals out there. They preach one thing, then they go against what the preach. Christians are pagans just as every other religion out there. No where in the Bible does it state that YAHUAH gave us religion. HE gave us laws/commandments to keep and follow.

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