Is it fair for Gordon Brown to pay £12000 even though other MP's have spent much more?

  • Post-Review Expenses Repaid

    Gordon Brown was ordered to repay some of his expenses after a review of his office's accounts. One of the issues revolved around overpayment of a gardener on the rolls. If other MPs spent more, that's not Brown's fault. If other reviews found more expenses from other agencies, then they should repay whatever they are ordered.

  • It is not.

    It is not fair for Gordon Brown to pay 12,000 even though other MP's have spent much more. The only fair thing would be for Gordon Brown to pay the same amount as the other MP's have had. With him paying less, it seems that he is getting preferential treatment.

  • Life isn't fair.

    Fairness has nothing to do with it, ladies and gentlemen. Politics has never been about what's fair, it's always been about what you can manage to get away with, without annoying or alienating the people who put you there. So yes, Brown should pay the 12,000 even though other MP's have been much more wasteful, regardless of whether or not it's fair.

  • No, it is political.

    No, it is not fair for Gordon Brown to pay 12000 pounds, even though other MPs have spend much more, because people are only demanding that Gordon Brown pay because they do not like where he stands politically. In this case, like in most cases, the public will hold the politician to a higher standard if he is not popular. It is not fair to demand that he pays when others have not.

  • No it is not.

    I think it is not fair for this to take place. Every one needs to be treated equally and if this is the first time someone got paid that much than it might not have been such a good idea or very fair to him and the people involded in the situation.

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