Is it fair for parents to use their children at protests for their own beliefs?

Asked by: jwbrowdy
  • It is better than leaving the kids with a sitter.

    These kids, for better or worse, are stuck in the homes and families they are a part of. It is better for them to see the full range of responses to their protests and possibly learn about both sides of the issue. A better question is "Is it fair for kids to have lethargic parents who care nothing about social issues and justice and let them play X-Box all day?"

  • It exposes them to the outside world.

    The primary reason for all hateful extremist ideas is ignorance. It is actually beneficial for them to be at protests, as it gives them the ability to leave their sheltered environment (for example, Westboro) and see that there ARE differing opinions in the world. Hateful opinions should not be condoned; but everything possible to bring knowledge to the children should be done. Kids are forced into their parents beliefs anyway, so them showing up at protests does nothing to all to make them more firm in their parents ideas.

  • It's gloriously unfair.

    It is good and proper to be outraged by the use of children as political pawns. It's a terrible thing to have happened to those kids, but ultimately it serves as a valuable lesson to more reasonable and moral people to be mindful of how fragile children are. Anything from a protest to an offhand comment can stick in a young children's developing psyche and influence what kind of adults they'll turn out to be. That makes for a scary and important responsibility.

  • I would have to also say children should be children

    The picture is of a poor example of a church that claims Christianity yet is not. God hates one thing sin, all sin does not matter what sin all sin. This church is what is called a home church one family they are a family of lawyers who go around the country daring people to give them and their children a hard time so they can them sue them.

  • Opinions, even for children, are inalienable rights.

    Every single human being should be able to have his or her own opinion on whatever matter, whether it is morally right or wrong, whether it is right or wrong even to governmental standards. If a child is forced into a belief, there will be two things that happen.
    1. The child will not actually believe it - they might even lie to themselves - trying to convince themselves they believe it, even I did this once - but in most cases, they won't believe it deep down. This will lead to the child taking his or her own path, choosing other beliefs or views. Which is perfectly fine, but it's not right for the parents to try to force them into their beliefs from the start.
    2. While I believe that the parents should have a lot of rights over their children (they're THEIR children, not the government's or the school's), they shouldn't have total and complete total over them like they are slaves, and a person's beliefs and opinions and views are about as personal as things can get, for a parent to impress their own beliefs on the child, that's wrong - because no matter what age, a human being is a human being, and should not be forced into alien opinions. Guided is perfectly fine, forced is not.

    Using children as protesters, though possibly not directly what I stated above, is an indirect suggestion towards it.

  • Children should be children.

    A lot of the time, they don't even understand what's been protested against. They're just told to stand there and look sad, or cute, and hold a sign that they don't get told about.

    Children need to have their own lives, and to form their own opinions as they get older, not to just to be used, brainwashed and moulded into a mouthpiece for their parents to back up their points.

  • It's just wrong

    The children in this picture seem to be ranged between ages 6-10, and though their parents most likely have explained to them what is going on, they are still too young to reach a full understanding of it as adults do. They can't choose baca use they don't know what it is about. If I explained 9/11 to my 7 year old son, he might get it a little, but would still not fully understand the reasons behind it. Without a full grasp of the consept, these children do not really have a choice, and probably have only been told one side of the story, so they cannot think it through. As the title states, it is just wrong

  • No to children being utilised in Protest.

    Isn't this how people in the middle east use their children. Our kids should not be involved, how cowardly of these adults to stoop so low to draw attention to their so called issues to draw media attention through our children... You have lost me in your cause... You pack of grubs...

  • Protests by minors illogical

    Can we suppose that the protesting children know the reasons for their protests ? Not exactly, because they are minors who do not have the idea of protests against the establishments. The elders instigate them to stage protests, even though they are ignorant of the issues. Its like a drama, where children are actors, and elders are the Director.

  • I hate the fact that we have to use a three word minimum in the headlines. It's just dumb. One word will suffice.

    Anyway, it's absolutely repulsive that any parent would use their kid as a decoy or parade them around in their protest based on what they believe. Those that do either have no courage or need a CAT scan. Have a spine and leave your kids at home. Let them explore the world and reach their own conclusions.

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