Is it fair for Sandwell Hospital in the UK to force junior doctors to work longer hours for less pay?

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  • Fair Wages Must

    Medicine is a very hard profession. It requires people to put in many years of study, hard work and dedication to become a doctor as compared to most other profession. On top of all that, a doctor in initial years of his/her career has to put in long hours of work and sacrifice social life . Doing all this, a doctor needs to be paid appropriately otherwise one would just loose the motivation to become one. The medical study is very expensive as well so most medical students have to take a loan to make it through the college. So its all the more necessary to be paid proper wages once the doctor starts saving lives.

  • Forcing anyone to work longer hours is unfair.

    I do not think that the Sandwell Hospital should force junior doctors to work longer hours for less pay, however, I do think it is okay if junior doctors earn less money than senior doctors. With experience comes greater privilege. That being said, no one should be forced to work longer hours. Overtime should be offered for time and a half to all. If you are a junior doctor, you will still be making less, but the amount of hours you work should be your choice.

  • No, the doctors deserve fair pay

    The junior doctors at Sandwell Hospital deserve fair pay, and should be able to earn more pay for longer hours. Decreasing salary will lead to lack of motivation and therefore poor care for thier patients. An easy way to ensure the patients are gettign quality care is to ensure that all doctors are paid fairly and are able to rest adequately.

  • It is not fair for the junior doctors at Sandwell Hospital to work more hours for less pay, because even trainees need to be paid fairly.

    Just because a junior doctor has less experience than a senior faculty member, he should not be made to work longer hours for less pay. I feel that this could not only sour the junior doctor to the experience of working at the hospital, but also that patients are at risk of a tired, less experienced medical professional making mistakes with their care due to the hospital's working arrangements.

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