• Yes, it's fair for the government to garnish wages.

    When the government decides to garnish a person's wages, it's because that person has not been living up to a personal debt of some kind. As an example, a man may be refusing to pay child support for a child he doesn't have custody of. The government is basically making sure that the debt is paid off the top so that whoever is owed is really only getting what they deserve.

  • garnish your wages

    No I do not think that it is fair for the government to garnish the wages of people. Every one who has earned their wages worked very hard for their money. They should not have to worry about their well earned wages getting garnished at all for any reason at all.

  • Not Without Reason

    There would have to be more to the story to really answer this question. There are many reasons why the government may garnish your wages and in most of those circumstances it is absolutely fair. After all we have small employers in this country who think it's fine to skip paying taxes or skip paying unemployment fees, or withhold social security but then never send it in. It's fair if you committeed a crime. It's unfair if you didn't.

  • No it's not

    Unless you owe for child support it is totally unfair. Thats the only garnishment they really need to enforce because that actually has a life in the mix. Other than that I really don't see why they need to garnish wages when they have enough of our money as it is.

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