Is it fair of my mother to ground me because I asked her why she wanted me before actually getting up and going to her?

Asked by: gigigemz
  • She shat you out instead of aborting you; she has the right to tell you what to do.

    I don't see how it's even a question; your mother has the right to ground you. She gave birth to you, you live under her roof, and she provides for you. There is no reason that she is in the wrong for grounding you. If she wants to be authoritarian, it's her house, her rules, don't like it? Conform.

  • Yes it is

    You do what she says, when she says it. The end. She is the one in charge of you, raising you and giving you the things she needs. When she calls you, its important to her. Your failure to comply is disrespectful, and your mom will not tolerate that behavior.

  • Yes, Your response was rude.

    In an increasingly rude and self-centered society (including adults! ), Learning to be respectful of others--starting with your siblings and parents--is an essential skill and character attribute. It will help you in your future family relationships if you can learn to have courtesy and to not be lazy. Sounds like you have a great mom!

  • No it isn't

    Your mother has a right to ask for help, but grounding you for asking why makes no sense. If you can't ask why then can you ask her anything? But overall, it may have had to do with your tone of voice when asking why, and if thats the case then it is fair.

  • If authourity can't be questioned then there are a few other things that the other side hasn't addressed

    If you have no right to ask questions, of anything (this has to be an absolutist position otherwise where do you draw the line logically?) then she can also ask the person who inquired here to jump off a cliff, starve him/herself and anything else among a pantheon of possibilities. Upon birth you are a human and have human rights. Despite what the radically conservative population of the US may tell you, people under 18 share those rights as well.

  • But life's not fair.

    I've always subscribed to the notion that the goal of parenting is not to raise obedient children, but to raise competent, independent adults. "Why" is a very reasonable question to ask in response to being asked to do something, and is not deserving of any punishment. I don't agree with your mother's apparent parenting style at all. But ultimately you have to obey her until you're old enough to move out and support yourself.

    Posted by: Quan
  • That's unfair even for a caretaker

    It was an honest question of what she needed so they'd know why they are being asked to come down. The her grounding you is unfair is if she has say...Asked you to take out the trash, it's been like 5 hours and you still haven't done it and she's calling you down to do and you ask what she needs, that would make me pretty irritated. So yeah unless it was that situation being grounded for asking what she wanted is unfair

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MrJosh says2013-06-13T04:50:02.167
There is not enough information provided to formulate an opinion on this matter. Your age, the context of the situation and numerous details about your relationship with your mother as well as other factors need to be taken into account. I am leaning toward "NO," but I can imagine numerous situations where she could be justified.
Fanny says2013-06-18T20:30:31.107
Use a better picture next time. And if you're grounded, how did you get access to the internet?