Is it fair on the children who are adopted into same-sex households?

Asked by: Nzrsaa
  • Why is this a debate?

    Why do people still argue about this? It doesn't matter whether they are a same sex couple or not, wouldn't it be better for the child to have two homosexual parents than no parents at all? Would you rather the child be bounced around from foster home to foster home, never having a real, permanent family?

  • There is nothing wrong with same sex households.

    There is nothing "unfair" about an adopted children going to a same sex home. The only issue is from the outside looking in, and the homophobia of the people that would try and make it a problem. A same sex household is just as functional as a regular household, so no it is fair.

  • Children deserve loving families, gay or straight

    Children who are adopted into loving households are lucky. It makes no difference if they have same-sex parents, as long as they are cared for and loved. Having gay parents may make it more difficult in some areas, but it is better to be adopted by loving parents than to be an orphan.

  • Being Adopted By Same-Sex Couples Is Fair

    Yes, it is fair for children to be adopted by same sex couples. A same sex couple can provide the same type of loving and caring environment as an opposite sex couple. The sameness or oppositeness of a couple has no bearing on whether or not that couple is capable of providing love for a child.

  • Better to Have Two Loving Parents Than None At All

    Children adopted into same-sex households deserve to have two loving parents regardless of the genders of those individuals. Was wasn't fair was that the heterosexual couple that gave birth to the adopted child somehow failed the baby in the first place, whether through drugs or horrible circumstances such as death, even a homosexual couple is better than none.

  • Family Better Than None

    I don't really recall the world being a fair place, however I believe children who are adopted into a same-sex household are far better off than those not being adopted at all. I believe if a homosexual couple wants to adopt and they can meet all of the same standard their heterosexual counterparts do, then by all means they should. These children would be admitted into loving homes and that is what is important and fair.

  • Fair. Of course. This topic is biased and bigoted.

    Studies have shown that there is no difference in the social, mental, or emotional well-being of kids raised in same sex versus opposite sex households. Denying gay parents the right to adopt would prevent kids from being adopted into loving homes, getting out of the system. Denying gay parents the right to adopt is bigoted, ignorant, and morally wrong.

  • As Long As They're Good Parents

    People use the defense of "having same-sex parents can cause psychological damage to the child". In all honesty, if the parents are eligible and make good parents, the child should be just fine. Especially in today's world where most families are NOT very stable at all, being in a same-sex parented household could actually be a lot healthier for the child. It's completely fair to the child. If you have heterosexual parents you didn't have a choice that live with that when you were born; it's the same circumstance with homosexual parents. No child has a choice, so it's perfectly fair either way. It's just how life works.

  • I don't see why not

    As long as they are entered into a caring household, that they otherwise wouldn't have got, then I see not reason to complain. Although, I do think that there should be an external influence of the opposite sex to their carers. And they have got to be careful of bullying at schools.

  • No. No homo.

    Thats just ew. I mean ew. That poor kid with those two horrible creatures. Well ok the white guy would be fine. But ew. I mean why would you want to be raised by two of the same gender. It's just awkward. It aint natural. Natural means muscles and boobies.

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