Is it fair that all babies have to be up to date with their vaccines prior to going to day care?

  • Vaccines are beneficial, so it is fair to ask for them, prior to going to day care.

    Babies should have the vaccines up to date, before starting day care. If they don't, then they run the risk of getting very sick. Day cares are breeding grounds for illnesses and even the healthiest baby will get sick. If parents oppose vaccines, they should seek out a support group of others who do not support vaccines, as well, and start their own day care, while staying out of public ones.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Requiring vaccines for day care is fair, because it protects the other children.

    Vaccines help stop the spread of the worst and most contagious diseases. These diseases could spread fast in a day care situation, with so many children, especially considering that children have lower immunity than adults. To protect everyone, each child must have vaccinations. It is not fair for a parent's moral stand against vaccines to cause other children's illness.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • I agree that all babies should have to be up to date with their vaccines prior to attending day care, because it is in society's interest to prevent outbreaks.

    Vaccines are designed to prevent outbreaks of preventable diseases. All babies should be required to be up to date on vaccines prior to attending day care because disease is very communicable in day cares. It is in society's interest to insure that diseases such as mumps are not spread through susceptible individuals, including babies.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • All babies should be up to date with their vaccines before day care in order to prevent the spread of disease.

    It is a fair policy that babies are required to be up to date with their vaccines prior to being allowed to attend day care. This is the easiest and surest way to make sure that potentially deadly diseases are not spread among babies and young children who are particularly vulnerable.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • It is fair, because a few parents' choices should not expose other children to disease.

    Babies that are not vaccinated should not be allowed to expose other people to diseases. A parent bringing a child to day care may have a younger child with them who is not fully vaccinated, and that child could be exposed. They could even infect adults whose vaccines are not up to date.

    Posted by: wait4me2fall
  • It is completely fair that children have vaccines before going to day care to protect the health of all children.

    Day cares are crowded. And children are, by nature, dirty creatures, with poor hygiene habits, making these areas prime breeding grounds for many types of bacteria and viruses. The immune systems of small children are not fully developed, and a relatively minor sickness can turn into a very serious one quite easily. If vaccines are available, there is no reason not to administer them to all children.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • I agree all babies who are interacting with other children should be at the same vaccination level.

    Assume for a moment two babies, one is vaccinated, the other is not. This potential situation opens up and offers dangerous exposure to both babies. The baby who is vaccinated is at risk of contracting a disease from the unvaccinated baby. Vaccinations are not 100% accurate, and a full or live virus could potentially still be contracted. The baby who is not up to date on vaccinations could also be susceptible to germs from the other babies, having not been up to date with prevention. The option is either all vaccinated, or all unvaccinated, but mixing the two is a recipe for a sick baby.

    Posted by: SecondDamien60
  • Yes, it is fair for vaccines to be up to date, because it protects the health of all children.

    Babies' vaccines should be up to date, because it lessens the likelihood of that child bringing some disease or illness to the rest of the children in that environment. It also prevents the spread of disease to others, including there adult caregivers, as well as anyone who would come in contact with that day care.

    Posted by: l0nerkatz999
  • All babies should be up to date on vaccinations for safety.

    I would not want to enroll my child into day care and not believe he/she is safe from disease. I entrust my child to the people running the day care and want assurance that my child is safe. Considering most vaccinations for disease are free to the young, there should not be any children without vaccination in day care. To prevent the spread of these disease is the reason for the vaccinations. There should not be any potential hazards when children are involved.

    Posted by: NabyR4y

    There is growing evidence, contrary to physicians advice, that vaccines keep most of our children safe from diseases. In fact, there is evidence to prove that vaccines actually may be causing the very diseases they are meant to "defend against" in some children.
    Why are so many parents upset about sending their children to school with a child who is not vaccinated? If you are so convinced that vaccines work and your child is vaccinated then shouldn't your super shielded child be able to fight off any evil cooties that my child might be dragging to school in his lunch box? Don't worry he won't be bring a peanut butter sandwich, in case your child has a peanut allergy.

  • It's not fair to parents that babies are required to be up to date on vaccines before day care, because many parents are poor and can't afford it.

    Being a parent is hard and expensive, especially in the early years, when the child needs constant attention. Requiring up to date vaccinations, prior to allowing babies in day care, is an extreme burden and it should not be. If a parent is behind on their baby's vaccination schedule, then excluding them from day care just pushes them further behind and increases their burden.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • It's not proven that vaccines even work!

    Research it before you make a decision. I know plenty who do not vaccinate their baby. I know babies who have had serious reactions and even death. State laws do not require vaccines. I know someone who had whooping caugh vaccine, but got the disease later. Why expose a small baby to chemicals?

  • It is not fair that babies have to be up to date with their vaccines prior to going to day care, because parents should be given the choice to do a slower schedule of vaccinations.

    Babies, right now, receive quite a few different types of vaccines at once. Oftentimes, this creates a bad reaction, and medical issues, like encephalitis, arise. Parents of infants should be given the choice to use a slower schedule when administering vaccines. I know that other parents want to be sure that their children do not get sick, however, infants getting brain damage or autism because of how many vaccines children get at once is not good either.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat

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