Is it fair that Mockingjay is split into two parts?

Asked by: Genworth_1
  • Stop being so petty

    If is was six hours long you would need to go to the bathroom, get something to eat, or at least stretch. I isn't selfish of the directors to give a movie A YEAR EARLY- If it was six hours long it wouldn't come out until it was done and that is this year. Also don't just think about yourself think about the actors they need a break and not just a Sunday- its people who just think about themselves that make this world 'Such a sick society'

  • If you think about it, yes.

    If it is in two parts, then the directors and script writers can fit in more of the essence of the actual book, instead of an outlined version which is not as brilliant as the book. It is also good for business. It means we will spend more money on watching their movies. It adds anticipation, excitement.

  • The movie should just be 6 hours long:

    What happened to the days when we really engrossed ourselves in entertainment for prolonged periods of time? What happened to our attention span that weakened it to the point where we break movies and series that are mere hours long in to parts, bits, and segments that are more "conducive" to the modern inability to stop and smell the roses? Such a sick society.

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