• Yes, I think its fair that some States allow imprisoned felons to vote.

    Overall I believe that someone in prison is still a citizen of the United States and should still have the right to vote on their representatives in Government, I believe that everyone should have a voice even if they are imprisoned and we should be fighting so more states allow people to vote from prison.

  • I am pleased to say......

    No they are gonna use the president to get them out which i mean by saying they are gonna plan if the president says for example lots of criminals are going to be out or get out so that is my statement / my opinion so thanks for under standing

  • No, they have lost the right

    Felons who are in prison should not have the right to vote. If they are going to commit crimes then they should not be voting. If anything, they would vote in such a way that criminals would be favored. It is not wise to allow these people to have a say in the making of our laws.

  • They forfeit that right after committing a crime

    All rights as a citizen outside of being treated in a human fashion which is universal to the human condition are forfeit when the individual commits a crime and is convicted. Their right to vote is suspended until the are rehabilitated and released from prison. Anything outside of this conclusion is irrelevant.

  • No, states shouldn't allow felons to vote.

    I do not think that it is fair that some states allow imprisoned felons to vote. I think that criminals such as felons should be allowed to have a voice in regards to being able to vote in elections. I think that states shouldn't allow such a thing to occure.

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