Is it fair that the Jews were handed a country after World War II? Even though they were prosecuted, they stole it from the Palestinians.

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  • Nothing was stolen from Palestinians

    Jewish organizations and settlers purchased the land from the legal owners in the Ottoman Empire and those who owned the land after the British took over the area. No one gave the land to the Jews. The Jews did not expel anyone and grab their land. No Jewish homes or settlements have been built on land owned by Arabs, unless fair market value was paid by private sale or under eminent domain.

    Arabs who stayed were welcomed and received full Israeli citizenship. They have the same rights as Jews in Israel. Over 1 million of the Israel population, they are the most free and most prosperous Arab population in the Mid-East. Those who fled were not allowed to return because they would probably be aligned with the Arab leaders who were intent on destroying Israel. It was too dangerous for Israel to allow them back in to be a fifth-column committing sabotage within Israel. Those who left did not lose their land. It was not taken from them. They had been only tenants, without legal title. The only thing they lost was the right to live in Israel as citizens. But they were allowed to come into Israel for work, which they did peaceably for about 30 years, until the Arabs decided to initiate an intifada and use free access into Israel as their opening for suicide bombers to commit mass murder of Jews.

    They did live in peace for hundreds of years, until the imams and Muslim political leaders became alarmed because the returning Jews were rapidly changing a desolate wasteland into a productive, free, secular, modern Western society that, in contrast, put the archaic, restricted, Muslim culture to shame. That is when the Arabs began violence against the Jews long before the State of Israel was formed.

    Israel, and the Jewish people, have never been aggressors in their entire history (except for conquests of Canaanite Jericho and a few other Canaanite cities 3000 years ago).

    1. When was the country of Palestine founded, and by whom?
    2. What were its borders?
    3. What was its capital?
    4. What were its major cities?
    5. Name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat.
    6. What was the language of the country of Palestine?
    7. What was the main religion of the country of Palestine?
    8. What was the name of its currency?
    9. Choose any day in history to compare the exchange rate of the Palestinian currency with the U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound, or the Euro.
    10. Since there is clearly no country of Palestine today, when was its demise and why did it occur?
    11. Why didn't the Palestinians try to become independent before their loss in the 1967 war?

    Bottom line: Palestine never existed. Therefore, nothing was stolen from them.

  • I don't like the wording of the question.

    Okay everyone. If you have an opinion, write the question, then write an answer, don't put your opinion in the answer. I am sure this has stopped everyone in the future from doing so.

    Anyway. I think that it was "fair", though it was an awful idea. I mean, put them in a place where their not welcome, with enemies everywhere, I mean come on. I get the "hoy land" thing, I was raised Jewish, but still, awful idea. It is a little late for that now.

    And the whole "well the Palestinians held it longer" that's BS. Let's have a fun trip through history shall we?

    Hellenistic Expansion (alexander the great)
    Persians again
    Ottoman Turks
    WW1 destroys Ottoman empire
    Couple years of Palestinian Autonomy

  • They do deserve it

    Their ancestors where born there, only later in the bible does it state that for years the Jews were fighting for their land from the Palestinians and Babylonians. So after years of persecution the Lord had said that one day they will be lead back into the holy land. In which unfortunately was taken by harsh and rather unnecessary force.

  • United for Israel

    If you ask me, Israel is the Jewish homeland. The palistinians have no business being there. They have the whole middle east to live.

    Also, "Palestinians" are an invented people. All they are just Arabs and have no business living in the holy land. I think the Holy Land should be reserved for Israel.

  • They could have shared it.

    I feel bad for the Jews because the were prosecuted and all, I know they deserve something like there "Promised Land". But come on, did they really have to kick out the poor Palestinians, they were just minding there own business. If you want to give the Jews there own country, give them Germany or something.

  • The creation of the state of Israel was a huge mistake.

    Whatever you call the Arabs that lived in the British Mandate of Palestine when Israel was created after the Second World War, they were real people and they were denied their basic human rights when they were forcibly evicted from their homes and farms and sent to live in refugee camps on marginal land in the West Bank.

    Today, Israel continues to oppress the Palestinians and deny them their human rights, blatantly disregarding international law and the numerous UN Resolutions condemning their manifold crimes against humanity. Israel has become a pariah state and the international community should delegitimize it.

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