Is it fair to American voters to determine caucus delegates based on a coin toss?

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  • Takes away the power of the people

    By using a coin toss, this leaves everything due to chance. A president should not be chosen by a simple probability. The Constitution gives the people the power to choose their leaders, and using a coin toss takes away that power. If there is a tie, all that needs to be done is a re-vote.

  • I don't think coin tosses should be allowed

    A coin toss for such a serious job as picking the leader of the free world is obscene. There should be more stringent rules for determining a winner. Caucus members should take the time to seriously review the candidates record and philosophy before making a decision. This will set higher standards going forward.

  • Caucus Delegates Must Find Better Method Than Coin Toss

    The importance of selecting caucus delegates requires considerable thought and commitment. The use of a coin toss is not a valid method to make this decision. A delegate needs to have a clear mandate of the state citizens and not just a lucky toss of a coin. Other methods of selection should be reviewed.

  • No, it is ridiculous.

    It is not a football game or something like that. The Republicans follow a basic democratic process of voting and counting votes. Simple, understandable, fairly hard to cheat, yielding clear results. The Democrats have devised a system no one can comprehend, that can be manipulated and falsified in many ways, and accomplishes more confusion. That seems to model perfectly the nature of the parties.

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