Is it fair to ask Hilary Clinton to release transcripts of her Goldman Sachs transcripts?

  • If they're available, why not?

    Most likely, the speeches were recorded. So why not release the records? I tend to find transparency the right way to go. Does Hillary have to release them? Probably not. It's just that the public has the right to judge her based on her decision. And if she says no, she has to explain to the voters why.

  • Release the Transcripts

    I completely agree that Hillary should release the transcripts to her paid speeches to the big banks. However, I also believe that if she is being asked to, everyone needs to as well. Transparancy is desperately needed in the political world, so I believe she should release them, as well as everyone else.

  • She was paid to give speeches. What's wrong with that?

    Hilary Clinton was a former first lady and Secretary of State. She was in high demand to give speeches to large corporations and other companies. I see no fault in that fact. It doesn't matter what she said in the speeches. I believe there is absolutely no smoking gun here.

  • Hillary Clinton shouldn't release her Goldman Sachs transcipts

    It is unfair to ask Hillary Clinton to release transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches. The move would be unprecedented, and it is one that her Republican rivals have not done. In the interest of fairness, there should be one standard. Donald Trump has done a number of paid speeches, which do not appear to be an issue.

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