Is it fair to ask teachers to disavow Christmas and Christmas decorations in their classrooms?

  • Everyone should have the right to celebrate

    I truly believe that Christians should be allowed to celebrate Christmas wherever they are. I do understand that there are many who do not observe Christmas, such as, Jehovah Witnesses, our Jewish friends, and many others. There are different ways that this can be handled with sensitivity so no child feels isolated and left out. We are all God's children with as many ways to him as there are people.

  • I think it is fair

    I think it is fair because not every student has the same feelings and beliefs. Christmas is a religious holiday and not everyone celebrates it in the same way. I don't think decorations should be allowed in the classroom because you run the risk of making certain kids feel very uncomfortable.

  • Christmas is Out there in Pop Culture and Acknowledged

    I think it really depends on how we perceive the holiday. I think teacher's should be allowed to decorate with garland, and talk of Santa Claus. Kids of all religions know who that is and they also see standard Christmas decorations everywhere. Now that is drawing the line though, I think when it comes to the religious side of the holiday although the true meaning of it schools shouldn't go there. Religion and schools don't mix, so teachers shouldn't go there, but telling them not to go into standard decorations is in my view point wrong, because this is part of the holiday season in general. So, in a way it isn't fair we should be allowed to at least acknowledge the holiday season.

  • Let expression be free

    Teachers should be able to express themselves and decorate classrooms for the holidays. However, it would not be right for them to only decorate for Christmas if there are students who are raised with different religions and celebrate other holidays; thus they should decorate for other major holidays as well or should not decorate at all.

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