Is it fair to characterize Heinrich Himmler as "the architect of the Holocaust"?

  • He drafted the plans.

    Yes, it is fair to characterize Heinrich Himmler as the architect of the Holocaust, because he was the planner. Himmler was to Hitler what Cheney was to Bush. Himmler was the mastermind behind the plans. He orchestrated the mass killings, while Hitler was the figure head who sold the program to the public.

  • He was a monster and criminal.

    Absolutely, I think it's fair to characterize Heinrich Himmler as "the architect of the Holocaust". The man was one of the main monsters that was part of Hitler's inner circle. He was directly responsible for the murder of millions of Jewish people. It's a shame he was able to kill himself before the Allies could do it to him.

  • Nazi Party Leader

    Yes it is fair to characterize him as the leader of the architect, and for sure as one of the main architects. He was one of the main leaders of the Nazi party in Germany, and should be remembered as a horrible man. He was head of the gestapo and is responsible for what happened.

  • Heinrich Himmler organized the Holocaust

    Heinrich Himmler was head of the SS and ran the Death Camps were millions of Jews were murdered. His deputy Adolf Eichmann was in charge of starting the death camps and reported directly to Himmler. Himmler made sure that the camps received their share of the increasingly scarce resources of war torn Germany. Himmler even continues operating the Death Camps long after the war was lost.

  • In a way, yes

    We all know the figurehead of the Holocaust and who tugged the right political strings to make it happen, but Heinrich Himmler was behind a lot of barbaric things that took place and while the end result would likely be the same without him, a lot of the methods getting to it wouldn't be. An absolute monster.

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