Is it fair to describe fascism and Nazism as "right wing?"

  • Their beliefs and actions align too much

    Xenophobia is a nazi stapple and right wing loves xenophobia and think they are morally superior than the rest of the world.
    Hitler's book is a horrible apology that diminishes it's evil actions, right wing apologysts diminishes slavery and other atrocities made in the name of their wealth.
    Both groups used religiona to make them look like righteous.
    Both groups promote the concept taht a selected group of people posess inherent superiority based on looks, social class, money and blood ties.
    Both groups favored concentration of power and capital.
    Both groups missuse popular concepts and use hiperboles to craft arguments.
    Both groups are more likely to allow a monarchy or a fascist authoritarian government.
    Both groups enjoy to rewrite history, like David Barton or many others dismissing slavery and the poverty myth, the nazis appropiated hindu history and the aryan myth.

  • Yes- here is the list of concentration inmates by color badge

    Red triangle - political enemies( social democrats, socialists, communists, trade unionists.

    Yellow triangle - Jews ( in the US replace them with Muslims

    Pink triangle - sexual deviants ( homosexuals, pedaphiles, rapists, molestors, and zoophiles

    Green Triangle - professional criminals - used by the nazis as kapos

    Blue triangle - emigres, foreign labor

    Brown triangle - gypsies

    Purple triangles- conscription resisters 99% were jehovahs witnesses

    Black triangle - Anti socials ( work shy, anarchists , drug addicts, mentally handicapped ( they had dumb in german written above the triangle) , Anyone that is considered a drain on the State,

    Also Hitler reduced the age of gun ownership from 20 to 18 , and reduced the amount of permits needed to own fire arms , all state workers , state railways , police , national workers , hitler youth organizations were all exempt from needing permits , under weimer republic they needed permits and they the weimer made gun ownership very difficult permits for firearms and permits for ammunition

  • There's more to politics than USA's politics.

    Any argument that the leanings of Hitler and the Nazi's is in the name "National Socialist German Workers Party" can be shot down with it's just a name like "People's Democratic Republic Of North Korea" or here in Australia we have a right wing conservative party calling themselves "Liberals". So enough on the names. History proves that Hitler and the Nazi's were right wing, before any attempt at eliminating Jews and having a superior Aryan race, Hitler and the Nazi's rounded up as many " leftist" types as they could. Socialists, Communists (whom as common knowledge shows Hitler despised). Any university professor with left leanings was removed from their position. These are not the actions of a leftist. The only thing "leftist" was perhaps just a small part of their economics where the German economy became very strong to provide Germany with a very powerful war machine. History shows that the actions of Hitler and the Nazi's are extreme right wing ideologies. The only individuals who dispute this are themselves extreme right wing people (normally USA citizens aligned with those mad dogs in the Tea Party). Any stating that Hitler's Nazism and Racism isn't right wing is just the modern extreme right wing crowd trying to distance themselves from the biggest tyrant in modern history.

  • Absolutely! Nazism and Fascism were pro-hierarchy!

    Right wing politics are those generally associated with some sort of hierarchy. That there are those on top, and those on bottom, and this is the desirable state of society. In this sense, Nazi Germany was absolutely 100% pro-hierarchy in that it saw a certain group of people as superior, as well as a strong government class. Left wing politics are those associated with equality, an idea of which fascism and Nazism find laughable! Nazism and Fascism are very much Right wing.

  • Yes it is ok to say its right wing

    Right wing is about loyalty to the state and believing our race is superior , p.S those who said it isn't right wing, we are talking about right wing in general you lefty tossers, not about US dam politics, we are talking global politics you damned uneducated US crack pots...

  • It definitely is

    While the definition of "right wing" changes over time and has different meanings in different countries, if you look at the beliefs that the Nazis held (white superiority and authoritarian beliefs) you can easily see how they compare to today's conservatives who are more likely to have issues with people unlike them and who tend to believe that it is their way or the highway.

  • Fascism is inherently right wing

    Fascists in pre-WWII Europe post-WWII South America were not bitterly opposed to religion - they, in fact, embraced the nationalistic, racist views of far right elements in the Catholic Church, which included opposition to Jews and Communism. Revisionist far right wingers in America simply don't want to face the fact that they're just left of Fascists and are becoming more extreme all the time.

  • Yes it is fair.

    The reason that I believe this is due mainly to the practice of the Nazis of complete and unquestioning loyalty to the party with no allowances for any other consideration. In all things the party was superior so that no matter the family, no matter the education, no matter the levels of violent action, the party politics was all that mattered.

  • They technically are right wing

    On a political spectrum Fascism and Nazism are on the extreme right wing, with Socialism and and Communism on the Left and Democracy in the center. Although Nazism and Fascism are VERY far right wing, they are still technically a right wing political system and so it is fair to describe them as such

  • From an economic perspective, yes

    Once looked at economically fascism is basically right winged due to how capitalist it is. It strongly supports capitalism and how it benefits an economy, and other right wing politics are exactly the same. The left is more concerned on higher taxes, larger government control, and less 'capitalism'. Therefore it seems fair to say Fascism is right winged due to it's economic policy.

  • No, it is not fair.

    The term "right wing" refers to politics in the United States, not conservative politics around the world. The extreme conservative policies in other countries are not comparable to the conservative policies in the United States. Therefore, it is not a fair comparison to describe things like Nazism with a word pertaining to U.S. politics.

  • Everyone who said yes are democrats who want to slam republicans

    Nazis were nationalist socialists. Socialism is left-wing. Additionally, the right is inherently against large government, while the left is for it. The Nazis definitely favored a larger government. Therefore, they are extreme left. The left is in favor of increasing taxes to help the poor. Nazis were extremely far left, but left nonetheless.

  • No, Not Really

    Its Nationalism was pretty much its only Right-Wing concept.
    They were Left Wing in regards to gun control, and its real homophobia went way beyond any alleged homophobia today's conservatives are accused of.
    They were big government, a left-wing concept. They attacked the Jews, who were a wealthy class of people in an era of German poverty.
    Plus, they called themselves Socialists.

  • Fascism and National Socialism (Nazism) were left wing.

    The Nazis or National Socialists were left wing, one of the things they opposed was Jewish Capitalists. They also opposed the Communists, but not because theywere their opposites, but because they were competing for the same voters. Nazi Germany used Corporatism, which allowed business owners to keep their businesses in exchange for doing the policies dictated by the government. This is only a different way of nationalizing the economy, the same end but using a different method. Benito Mussolini was a former Socialis, Capital S, meaning he was part of the Socialist Party, but he continued to be a small s socialist, just forming the Fascist Party. Fascist comes from Fasces, or the bundle of rods that ancient Roman rulers had carried before them as a symbol of their authority. Mussolini coined the term "totalitarian" but in a positive sense, meaning "everything inside the state, nothing against the state, nothing outside the state" meaning a cradle to grave welfare state that took care of the citizens. Not mentioning that in return for caring for the citizens, the government would control them.

  • Fascism is Left Wing

    The reason the left is so concerned with calling fascism "right-wing" is because they are scared and know they must hide the truth. Lets look at some facts. Fascism and the American Progressive movement were both born at the same time and were sister movements. Before Fascism was associated with evil many American leftists frequently compared their own movement with the "progress" of the time in Europe. Fascism was started by Benito Mussolini. He was a Socialist. There is no arguing that. HItler hated Jewish Capitalism. He saw it as the one thing that the Jews used to destroy the world. There was a big eugenics movement during the 20's led by liberal Margaret Sanger who wanted to see the extermination of the black and American Indian population. Hitler too used the very same techniques. Hitler disarmed the public, he took their guns. Is that right wing? Who is considered the most radical right wing in this country? The Tea Party. And they advocate for small government. Hitler was the exact opposite. His government controlled everything. Hitler promoted vegetarianism. He also made smoking in public places illegal. (Hint: Liberals in NYC are doing this today.) Really the only one thing the Left can claim proves Hitler was right wing is that he hated Communists. Why? Well Hitler need the German workers hence his "Deutsche Arbeitspartei" (German Workers Party.) Sound right wing? If the communists were a large party in Germany Hitler would lose a great deal of his supporters. So even though they were quite similar to him, he had to demonize and destroy them in order to leave himself the reigning left wing group. Last point is Nazi stands for NAtional SoZIalist Deutsche Arbeitspartei. National SOCIALIST German Workers Party.

  • No, those are extreme examples.

    Comparing the right wing in America to Nazism and fascism is not a valid comparison. Those are very extreme ways of thinking and do not compare to the right wing in America. It is similar to comparing the left wing in America to communism or the Soviet Union. They are neither fair comparisons to make.

  • Inherently, there are big difference

    Fascism and Nazism was extreme leftism. Well for one, they had big government. The Nazis confiscated guns, something conservatives are against. Extreme right politics would be the Ku Klux Klan. Being the Nazis and Fascists were not so keen on Christianity, especially Protestantism. There is more. The right in this country sides with Israel, which is exactly what the Nazis were against.

  • Fascism and National Socialism are Both Socialism, Socialism is Statism, and Statism is Left-Wing.

    Fascism and Nazism are inherently collectivist and authoritarian, glorifying the "greater good" over individual liberty. All opposition is suppressed and all business is regimented and subordinated to the interests of the ruling class. These are inherently left-wing ideologies, despite the attempt to classify them as right-wing. The notion that the distinguishing factor between the political left and the political right resides in hierarchy versus egalitarianism is ridiculous, for individuals are divided into classes in all collectivist and statist systems, including fascism and national socialism. In practice, all statist ideologies divide individuals into the ruling class and the ruled class, the difference being only the justification that the rulers give for their rule. In orthodox socialism, or communism, the rulers use egalitarianism and class conflict as justification for their rule, while in fascism and national socialism the ruling class justify their rule using nationalism and class collaboration. The difference is only in the justification and the degree of state control, not in actual substance. If a left-right spectrum is to be used, and if anti-statist ideologies such as classical liberalism are to be placed on the political right, then fascism, national socialism, and orthodox socialism should all be placed on the political left, for they all are opposed to individualism in support of the state.

    For further reference, see The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism by Gunter Reimann.

    Quotes About Fascism:

    "For this I have been and am a socialist. The accusation of inconsistency has no foundation. My conduct has always been straight in the sense of looking at the substance of things and not to the form. I adapted socialisticamente to reality. As the evolution of society belied many of the prophecies of Marx, the true socialism folded from possible to probable. The only feasible socialism socialisticamente is corporatism, confluence, balance and justice interests compared to the collective interest." - Benito Mussolini, March 1945

    "I don't mind telling you in confidence that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    "Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight." - Joseph Goebbels, November 1925

    "And numerous people whose families belong to the peasantry and working classes are now filling prominent positions in this National Socialist State. Some of them actually hold the highest offices in the leadership of the nation, as Cabinet Ministers, Reichsstatthalter and Gauleiter. But National Socialism always bears in mind the interests of the people as a whole and not the interests of one class or another. The National Socialist Revolution has not aimed at turning a privileged class into a class which will have no rights in the future. Its aim has been to grant equal rights to those social strata that hitherto were denied such rights." - Adolf Hitler

  • Did Fascist/Nazi Germany:

    Allow non-state governed control of capital, resources, manpower, or appropriate representation of individual rights?
    No. Therefore, left wing politically.
    Were freedoms of religion, race, civil rights, or workers rights to associate allowed? No. Therefore, left wing politically. Like many others have said, they are politically, socially and economically left wing as they were against the progressives of freedoms associated with traditional right wing governance.

  • It is not fair to describe Nazism as "right wing."

    There is no "free enterprise" with Nazism, as in a true competitive market that is open to all. If the Corporatic Empire is becoming a fascist machine, then it is because it is not allowing for a true free market. The only way that the Republican Party/neo-conservatives/"right wing" leadership can be equated with Nazism is if free enterprise and a real competitive market open to all does not truly exist for everyone, and conservatism is a facade, wherein the Corporatic Empire basically *is* the governing force, and we have no real government for the people; "conservatism" has essentially become Anarchy.

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