Is it fair to eliminate prayer and religion from public schools?

Asked by: 2Sense
  • Separation of Church and State.

    Shoving religious values down the throats of unsuspecting children is not what PUBLIC schools are for.
    Public schools are places for learning, not places for prayer. If you want to pray on your own time, that's great, but having organized prayer in a PUBLIC school? Not cool.

    I could care less if prayer is what you believe in. Religious freedom isn't shoving your own religious values down the throats of others. This is what we call a violation of Separation of Church and State, and if you're offended by having a religiously neutral social institution, you should leave this country.

    Keep prayer in private schools where they belong. If you want your child to be raised in a Christian environment, clearly a public school isn't the place for them.

  • It's all about perspective

    Imagine if you attended a school, where you had to allow yourself to be subjected to a religion separate from your own. Imagine if the religion was counter to your beliefs, yet you and every other student in your class had to subscribe to that belief and participate in behaviors, such as prayer, that reflected that belief. Imagine if your teacher got in front of the classroom and spoke of how his or her students should believe in a deity that you personally have never believed in and or related with. What they're trying to convince you of could be something that you're completely and totally against, and yet you still have to sit there and listen to it. It's not, or should not be about them being unable to have their personal religious views. They're every bit as entitled to that. But it is unfair for them to be able to operate within a public school, an institution that's open to a range of people with various beliefs and non-beliefs, while focusing on and imposing a religion onto other people. People, like you, who may or may not agree with that belief.

  • That's why they're public

    If you want your child to have an education integrated with religion, then you should go to a private school that offers that option. A government must remain impartial to all the religions of its people; it's only fair. It would be unfair to impose a religion upon an impressionable young mind without the consent of the parents, and it would be unfair for a public to teach one religion over others. The "No" side is arguing about the first amendment, well if you want to teach your child the values of your religion you can, or if you want to go to a private school for that service, that is fine also. You just can't force the government to do it for you.

  • Schools to Teach, Not to Indoctrinate

    People who are religious tend to think that because they think religion makes them good people, means that the statistics are going to be the same. What statistics really show is that No, religion has not given children a better moral guidance, what does give people a good sense of morals is thinking for themselves and reasoning with rationality is the beat form of knowing what's moral or not.

  • Yes. As long as you don't ban it.

    Individuals should be allowed to pray on their own. The Constitution is clear that the government is not to endorse religion. This is divisive and nobody would like for their kids to be taught religious beliefs contrary to their own. The solution is no religion for everybody. Religious kids should have their beliefs respected so if they require moderate and reasonable accommodations to practice their faith is one thing, Having a teacher endorse prayer or elements of belief is no legal.

  • Its not just fair its justified

    Religious education is not justified unless every single religion is taught at school. I am sure all the Christians and Muslims will be overjoyed when there children have to sit through Satanism 101, or Scientology 101. This is what you support when you support religion in classes. Kids can pray and read there bibles at school in their own time. No need to be ridiculous and make children study the thousands of religion.

  • Sure it Is - Read the Constitution

    Separation of Church and State. The government shall not respect any religion or establish a Federal religion. No state can establish a church or religion.

    Supreme Court ruled that prayer in school was unconstitutional.

    Why is his question repeated so many times?

    I a really bored with this nonsense. Stop.

    You religious fanatics need to go away.

    Ask God why he murdered innocent babies and children in the great flood.

  • Yes it is fair

    School is a place to learn facts about our natural world, science and math. If religion was to be taught is schools who would chose what religion? Who would teach it a priest? Would the children be taught that they will burn in hell forever if they don't believe what they are taught? Religion will not withstand the scrutiny of a critical thinker. And schools produce critical thinkers as they should. I pay taxes so my kids can learn the facts they need in life. Church is tax free learning.
    Church is where a person goes to learn superstitious faith based beliefs. Church is where religion belongs. So take your kids to church and keep religion out of the schools. This is fair and it is the law. Have a nice day.

  • Public schools are no place for any type of religion.

    There is a reason for why there is a separation of church and state. If you want to pray to your god do it on your own time or at your own religious schools. A public school is no place for religious activity of any type. It is a place for learning. By having religion in schools you may be forcing religion on kids who adhere to a certain religion. This can cause problems to those who want their kids to have the same religious beliefs since religious beliefs may be important to the family. Churches ,religious, and private schools are better places to worship and carry out religious activity than a public school.

  • What about other religions

    Yes it is fake because if only one religion is practiced, other kids with different religions will felel excluded. Also, kids with different religions might get picked on or get teased because they practice something else. The point of public schools are that everyone feel equal, this will make kids feel the exact opposite

  • It is not!

    Prayer and religion should not be exempted from public schools. Prayer and religion are critical to a child's upbringing, without which children often go astray. Prayer and religion usually contribute important lessons, and lead a unfailing foundation for children to stand upon in their adult years.

    I'm thankful for the opportunity of growing up with Christian values.

  • No it is not!!!

    Teachers should not force their students to pray. However, if a student wishes to pray in his or her own time, then telling that student he or she is not allowed to is a violation of that student's religious freedom. Those who seek to remove freedom of religion, they are the ones who are truly intolerant.
    If what I'm talking about is not what the creator of this opinion intended, then he or she should've worded it differently.

  • It is not fair to eliminate prayer and religion from those who choose to practise it, for it should not be forced on others.

    It is a ridiculous notion to even suggest that prayer and religion should be banned from public schools. I am not a religious person, however I believe in the freedom of being a part of one. Religion is beautiful, and if people wish to pray to their God(s) and talk about their religion in school, then that is perfectly fine. No harm done. But to eradicate religion from schools would only increase the amount of religious ignorance that already exists in the world today. People are constantly trying to invalidate each others beliefs without simply being able to accept them.

    However, I do wish to eliminate mandatory prayer. When I was in primary school, all students had to pray at the end of the day and during assemblies, even though I wasn't religious and most of my friends weren't. It wasn't even a religious school. This is very unfair and is disallowing children to have the option of making a choice. But teaching them about it and helping them understand it is allowing them to make their own choice, therefore it should not be banned.

  • I can't even imagine that

    In my country, all schools offer the option of Christian education to all students but parents can opt out if they wish. God is such a huge part of our lives, how can we say to kids they can't speak to God here. No one could even stop them anyway.

  • What ever happened to first amendment?

    It states in the first amendment we have the right to freedom of religion! Why is this even an issue? People have certain beliefs. Kids should be able to pray n school not just for religion, but for school! Praying may help a student in a math test by helping them be more confident, because they prayed to god for help. Let me remind you the majority of the population believes in god. Why would you take freedom to practice religion away from us?

  • We have a right to religion, but...

    I will start off by stating the fact that I have no religious beliefs. That's my right and everyone has the right to believe as they wish. Now, it's a different story if religion is being forced upon students who don't agree with said belief, but in the aspect of being allowed to pray everyone should be. If you believe something you have the right to defend it and express it, but not to force it. I see no harm in a child expressing religion through prayer during school, it should not offend anyone considering it has nothing to do with anyone else. To ban religion? That's no different then banning freedom of speech, because that's what expression religion is mostly. That's what prayer is, speaking to your god. Noone can take that away from you not even in school.

  • Sittin on tha fence here

    I don't quite understand this. Prayer isn't banned is it? It's just mandatory prayer. People can have religious clubs and personally talk about their faith if they like. I don't think that we should ban personal speech even if it pertains to prayer when it should be about their educations still it seems rather futile to argue about since it isn't going to happen in my opinion. :/

  • You can't eliminate and ignore a pivotal part of society, it's a slippery slope to division and anarchy

    Religion is a large part of life for many millions. You can't simply impede upon a child's right to exercise their faith at school. That's a civil liberty and a right. By stopping them from praying even in their own time you infringe upon them and that is wrong.

    Secondly, religion should be understood by EVERYONE not just religious people. It's not shoving religion down non-believers throats. It's for community cohesion and understanding. The western world lives in a multicultural society and we must respect each others space. Hitler started WW2 under the persecution and hatred of the Jews. Atheists must learn not to persecute people for their faiths and be respectful for their (non violent or inhumane) practices.

    So by removing religious understanding in public schools you fan the flames of ignorance and hatred. For example, bullying kids putting pork on someone's plate, or ridiculing them for their belief. People need to respect other people, and you can't do that without education.

  • Religion should be freely expressed to anyone

    Religion should be allowed in schools because some children has strict religion and things that their parents expect out of them. Being a proud Christian I pray every time that I eat wake up and go to sleep so when I eat at school I pray over my food. So if schools ban religion then I would be able to 🙏 (Pray) or anything at school. I don't understand why someone would want to take that away from innocent students.

  • Most Folks Don't Understand Constitutional Law...

    It's hard to say as public schools can be/are intergovernmentally funded and regulated institutions.. BUT its still classified as a "public" institution.

    So as the Constitutional rules go, religion cannot be forced and cannot be stripped in the public arena.

    The issue can be made more clear if we were to take this a step further and make prayer part of the curriculum, or conversely, told students that they couldn't pray on campus grounds.

    As long as the government keeps these as "public" schools - the government cannot endorse or prevent religion and it is within the law and not in violation.

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bubbatheclown says2014-01-07T00:56:41.107
@2Sense, what about a student praying privately over his or her meal? Give me one reason why that is a violation of someone's religious freedom. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Not allowing that student to pray over his or her meal...That is the real violation of religious freedom. Granted, maybe the teachers should not be allowed to make a class participate in a prayer. But what you described was either a successful attempt at trolling or hardcore religion-hating atheism.