Is it fair to have children when you cannot afford them?

Asked by: CitizenL
  • Giving birth is a right that none can restrict.

    Giving birth should be a freedom to every woman. Fair or not, women should be able to decide for themselves (+husband) if they do want a child. One can not criticize families for wanting a child even though they do not have the necessary means for keeping it alive. Giving the baby a chance to live is more responsible than preventing it from ever seeing light.

  • If you don't keep them

    If you can't afford to care for a baby put the baby up for adoption.

    From a legal standpoint I support the right to keep the baby, but morally I see choosing to keep a baby you can't afford to take care of as irresponsible. If you can't afford to take care of the kid give the kid to someone who can.

  • It is a God given right

    A question like that always brings about another question how much should a person make before they can have kids for me is very hard because I always thought that I can depend on grandparents to help take care of them when I was wrong I guess the government can't take care of them either they work in churches we will all be judged

  • Rich people aren't having kids

    Fact is our birth rates in developed nations are too low. Wealthy people just aren't having enough kids. So we need the poor to have children in order to fill the gap.
    People who have the means to have children are just too focused on their careers to bother raising a family. So that's why we need to tax them heavily to shift that income to families who actually have children.

  • It is a God given right

    One thing to ask is "how much should a person make before they can have kids?" This is a good opportunity for other family members churches and anyone else that could help to step up and show how badly they can be. And if and since there are failures than those who have failed will be judged and should be judged.

  • It is wrong

    Its not only irresponsible its cruel to the child how are you going support a child if you cant even support yourself. Before having a kid you should have a stable job, a stable education a stable partner and a stable life to raise a child that is that .

  • Of Rights and Fairness

    I believe that the right to give birth should not be restricted to anyone, but I also believe that raising a child you can't afford for would be unfair to the child. I would have to agree with MasturDbtor, "If you can't afford to care for a baby put the baby up for adoption." Anyone can have children, but not all are capable of keeping them. Those who find it necessary should prepare adoption plans beforehand.

  • ! Keep them !

    I believe that you should have the right to have a kid even though you cant afford them. Its in everyone's rights to have a kid free of ethics or values. If and yes "if" we were to stop having kids then there would be a major decrease in world population and all future generations would be cut back for so many years. And why in the world would we try to control the way we live. Until the government has said that we cant have kids until we afford them then this argument has no ground.

  • I think so

    Money is not the greatest thing you can give a child. You can also give him/her ethics, love, truth, and care, to name a few things. Unemployment benefit, welfare, and Medicaid provide financial aid.

    I think that a kid will be happier loved and in poverty than unloved and rich. If all poor parents had disagreed with this poll and avoided having children, the world would have been deprived of many amazing people. People do rise out of poverty.

  • I don't believe that it is fair for the government, or anyone tell you that you aren't financially stable enough to have a child.

    In my opinion the government makes a ton of money. It's unjustifiable for the government to tell anyone they don't have enough money to raise or have a child. They want to spend less, and gain more profits. With this being said, they would making money off your sadness. Any women should be able to have a kid, ether they are financially stable or not. In my opinion many males, and females who have children younger, or when they aren't financially stable. They grow up faster meaning, they realize they have another mouth to feed, and they need to see what their doing now, and what they could be doing if they put the effort.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.

    There is an old saying " If you can't feed em, don't breed em". Many people who are working have put off having children until they can afford them. Many could afford to have a child if they weren't losing so much of their paychecks to support those who feel they should have as many children as they want, on someone else's dime. It is time to be responsible. What is the point of bringing a child into poverty which is a pretty miserable life. Another point, taxpayers cannot afford to keep supporting all of these people. Our health insurance costs a fortune because privately insured people are charged more than those on Medicaid. The hospitals have to make their money somewhere. It is time to get out of the wagon and help pull it. That means having as many children as you can afford and no more.

  • It's your responsibility

    When you give birth, you are responsible for the child, as it is a result of your own decision. The baby is not the governments responsibility. Therefore, you must be able to provide for the child financially as it belongs to you, and it needs financial support to succeed in life

  • Absolutely not, no way in h.E. Double hockey sticks

    I can't believe there is ANYONE who says yes to this question. The pope just remarked the other day that people who do not have children are "selfish". Count that as the dumbest thing I have ever heard a human being say. Just when I was starting to like him.
    People who have kids on Medicaid make me sick. My fiancé and I will put in almost a decade of hard work on our careers and we probably STILL won't have enough money to have a child. I am SICK of hearing people having kids because "God" told them so. God probably did not plan ahead for overpopulation, overcrowding, global warming, massive corruption, etc, etc, etc there are a thousand more reasons why!
    I can understand a LOT of life choices- I could empathize with a drug user, I could try to understand a radical religion... I CANNOT relate to people who have kids on Medicaid and think this is the stupidest, most irresponsible thing an adult could do.

  • No it is not.

    I believe that it is not fair to have children when you can not support them. It is not fair to the child when they don't know why they don't have any food to eat. Also when they need something like medical reasons and they cant pay it can cause pain. A post by citizenL said,
    There is an old saying " If you can't feed em, don't breed em".

  • NO. It is not FAIR. On a number of counts

    My basic assumption is that we are talking about someone choosing to have a child, while knowing they cannot afford them. As opposed to having one accidentally and choosing not to abort.

    I say NO primarily because it is unfair to the child. Remember before conception, there is no life, so no one is being deprived of life.

    Bringing a child into the world knowing that the child will, in 90% of the cases, be deprived of proper security, nutrition, education and opportunity is WRONG. How can it be argued otherwise?

    If someone wishes to have a child, why not take steps to obtain the resources to create a suitable environment. By doing things such as getting a proper education, a job, a partner, money in the bank and so forth. Instead of rushing out to fill personal needs for gratification and meaning.

    Statistics overwhelmingly show that single mother families (I know, not the only examples) are more likely than not to have a child turn out poorly in terms of behavior, education and opportunity. These are the realities. Why buck them?

  • Its irresponsible and selfish.

    If you have children, you should be able to care for them. Otherwise, the kid will grow up with an awful life. Have kids si no little thing. You're bringing a life into this world and parents can't just decide to have a kid because 'they want one'. They have to think about how the kid will feel. Its irresponsible and selfish to have a kid if you can't afford one, especially when that kid will most likely be miserable their entire lives.

  • No it's not fair at all. Its not fair because the child gets older will have to decide to get job or starve.

    I agree with Juan_Pablo said " it is wrong to have children and not have the means to support them and allow them to grow". Which also creates stress for the child when older because they have school and if they have job and worrying about if there going to eat or not.

  • My opinion on this particular topic is this, no one should keep their babies if they are not financially ready.

    I see both sides however. Some time's things happen. When you get pregnant there is this unconditional love that you feel, and that makes it harder for the parents to put the baby up for adoption, but what they need to do is think about what's best for the baby and put themselves aside.

  • Sometimes this situation is an accident.

    I agree that if you knowingly had a baby that you financially could not afford then it would be extremely unfair for the child to enjoy and appreciate life because he didn't have such a great childhood. They may grow up and begin to do bad things and not be righteous. Don't bring a child in this world if you are not financially stable.

  • Stop Having Kids If You Can't Even take Care Of Yourself SERIOUSLY!!!

    I believe that the United States government should decide if citizens should have children or not. My opinion is that having the government control who can give birth would be beneficial, it would make it so a child would not have to live in an unsafe environment due to the parents incompetence. This could also prevent a child being born with serious birth defects, this also prevents families with criminal records or with a low income that can’t even afford for themselves having a child who would live like that. If the government had a say in this there would be less homeless because most children grow up in a household that can provide for them. As said in J. Mijin Cha’s blog "People who are poor do not deserve to have children. I've seen these people with 1,2, 5 children. If you can't afford to feed them, don't have them." this is why there are more homeless in the past year, people should not have kids if they can’t provide for themselves so stop having them!

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