Is it fair to have named Asperger's Syndrome after Hans Asperger?

  • Yes it is fair and resonable to have named Asperger's Syndrome after Dr. Hans Asperger.

    Dr. Hans Asperger.spend his life researching and documenting the effects of the medical condition that would come to be named after him, Asperger's Syndrome. The fact that he was conscripted by the Germans to conduct medical research for them should not be allowed to detract from the progress he made in the treatment of Asperger's Syndrome.

  • It is fair, because Hans Asperger did much of the work of describing Asperger's Syndrome

    Hans Asperger identified many of the diagnostic elements of what is now called Asperger's syndrome. However, he has not been well-credited with this because he wrote in German and his work is not well-known in English. However, much of his research still holds up today, and has been important in describing the syndrome.

  • Sure. Why not?

    Aspergers is as good of a name as any. Hans Asperger did a lot of work with autism. He noticed behavioral patterns in boys that lacked empathy. He noticed variances among different individuals on the autism spectrum. Why shouldn't Aspergers be named after Hans Aspergers? His name is as good as any other.

  • A great scientists.

    Yes, I do think that it was fair to name this disease after him, because he deserved recognition for the lifetime of hard work that he put in to help treat kids with different mental illnesses. He was a great researcher, and did a lot of good for the medical field.

  • It sure is.

    There's hundreds and thousands of diseases and conditions in the world. Naming them isn't an easy task. While it might be somewhat offensive to have it named after Hans, this is not the only case of a disease being named after a person, if you rename one disease you'll have to rename all of them.

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