Is it fair to issue parking fines to people who park their car longer than the time permitted?

  • If parking rules are stated and generally known, then yes, parking tickets are fair.

    Most cities and even the smallest of towns have posted rules about parking. There is probably some income made off of parking tickets, as well. I think if the parking rules are part of law, then it sure is fair to ticket people for parking. If the rules are not posted, they should be generally available, and usually are, via public records, like on the Internet.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Leaving your car parked longer than what is permitted will hinder traffic.

    I believe that people who park their car longer than permitted should receive fines. There is always a reason why it is just allowed to park in any area for a certain duration. Other people might have to use that parking slot for their errands and, if people keep their cars parked for longer than allowed, the traffic flow will diminish.

    Posted by: WarmDusty30
  • I support issuing parking fines, because time limits are imposed for a reason and, if ignored, can lead to the very problems they were created to prevent.

    Time limits on parking are usually created for a reason. Shortage of space is one of the more common reasons, but there could potentially be others. If people were allowed to ignore the time limit, then there would not be enough parking available for others to use. In the case of businesses, this could potentially mean less customers and, thus, less profit. The only real way to enforce such a rule is through fines.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • People should be fined if they park their cars longer than the time permitted, because they are taking away spaces from others.

    You are responsible for only staying in a parking space for the allotted time. You need to keep paying the meter, or move your car, if you need to stay in the area longer. It is unfair to stay in a spot over the allotted time, because it takes away parking spaces from other people, and you should receive a parking fine for doing this.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • It is fair to issue parking fines when they park their car longer than the time permitted.

    Parking fines are a clearly stated rule. It is about the fairness of being given a rule and following it. Plus it would not be fair to the other people who want to park there, but have no room.

    Posted by: ObeseOctavio75
  • I think parking fines should be issued to people who park longer than the time allowed.

    I think cities should be allowed to make their own rules about how long people should be able to park on the city streets. By setting limits to the length of time allowed to park, it opens up parking places and allows other people to visit businesses; these potential shoppers might be discouraged if they had a lot of trouble finding an open spot.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • Yes, because rules are rules, and tickets should be issued.

    Parking fines are very legitimate rules that should be followed. Cities spend time and money in studies to determine what a downtown area needs to do in order to accommodate citizens as well as businesses. The time limits are in place for a reason, and people need to abide by those rules, no different than they would with handicap spaces or fire lanes.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Yes, because fining people for parking longer than permitted is a good way to ease congestion.

    Handing out fines for people who stay parked in parking spots longer than is allowed is a great way to lower congestion in busy areas. It conditions people to hurry up, do their business, and get out, or else pay a fine. If there were no fines, people would dither around, causing even more congestion in high-congestion areas.

    Posted by: 5h4tAnkI
  • Parking fines for parking too long are generally beneficial.

    Many areas of our cities would soon end up with no available parking spaces if there were no time limits on the spaces and no penalties for parking over the time limit. A car parked for days at a time in a busy business district is wasting a valuable space. Customers need parking, and the businesses need customers. Time limits help ensure a level of turnover in the parking spots, and fines are an effective way to enforce the time limits.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Tickets should be issued for overtime parking.

    People should be fined for exceeding the time limits for parking. There are logical reasons for time limits. Exceeding the limit has consequences like denying another potential customer a place to park and consequentially causing businesses to lose money. Furthermore, we are a country of laws. If we don't observe minor laws like parking restrictions, it is easier to ignore more important laws.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • It is not fair to issue parking fines to people who park longer than the time permitted because it's overly punitive.

    It is not fair to issue parking fines to people who park longer than the time permitted because it's overly punitive. If you're over by just a couple minutes, you get a ticket for say, $25. That's 1,000 times the rate of a quarter. People should have to pay the difference between what they put in the meter and the time they used, but much more fairly than it is now.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • The question should be is it fair to issue fines to people who have overstayed the time they have PAID FOR, not the max stay

    The fact is that if someone pays for an hour's parking and they overrun by five minutes, they should simply be allowed to pay for the extra five minutes, NOT receive a fine far in excess of the parking fee, and the size of the misdemeanor.

    I do not believe overrunning your paid time is a misdemeanor at all. It is a natural thing for a busy human to do occasionally - it is not a deliberate attempt to gain an advantage through unfair means. Let people pay for their excess minutes, and no more.

    As for the original question, should people overstay the maximum time, no they shouldn't. But then there ought to be better parking facilities provided so that there is no need for a maximum stay.

  • A way to make a fast buck

    When you are slapped with £150 fine for being 12 minutes over the 4 hours you have paid for,do I hear all of you folk on the other side of this argument just nodding their heads sagely and coughing up?
    Maybe not hey?
    As to he of "The rules are the rules",a few words of advice; Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools.

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