Is it fair to judge the U.S. economy based on how much people are spending on vacations?

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  • Vacations and Economy

    No I do not think it is fair to judge the US economy on how much people spend on vacations. They economy should be defined as to what people are spending daily and with daily habits. Vacations are saved up for therefore when people are on vacations they tend to splurge a little.

  • No way, not at all!

    Where are they doing that? That is ridiculous! Most people have to save to go on vacation, and they spend way more than they ussually would because they saved up for that particular reason. That is a very unreasonable way to judge how any of us are realistically doing money-wise.

  • Vacations Not Taken By Many

    Judging the U.S. economy based on vacation spending is not an accurate barometer. Possibly, the majority of Americans do not take vacations for various reasons. When this segment has an increase in disposable income, vacations may not be taken through lack of habit. Those who take vacations do not represent a large enough segment of our society to be used to evaluate the overall economy.

  • Vacation and economy

    No it is definitely not fair to judge the economy based on how much people are spending on vacations. In my case we go on a vacation when we get our tax refunds. I'm sure many other families do as well or they save up for a long time. They may even trade vacations for other things.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-08-19T14:49:37.830
If it was fair, and we went by how many vacations Obama took and how much he spent on them, then the economy is doing just fine.