• Save the animals

    Help endangered species they are dying because of humans in zoos they will never starve and they live longer. We need to save the endangered species zoos are doing this. Come on support the zoos help the wildlife everybody read this and change your mind support the zoos come on

  • Natural habitats are better

    We don't need zoos. Just make room for natural habitats and put the animals in there. Zoos are a waste of space and cost a lot of money to maintain. Just make Natural habitats and keep animals happy and free! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Zoos are cool

    Zoos are an educational experience, funding for communities, and protectors of endangered species all in one. Many may state that Zoos are cruel to animals, but only some zoos are like that. Rather than stop zoos altogether, people should just set up more regulations for animal rights within zoos. Zoos are cool.

  • It is definitely not ideal but for the sake of conservation of endangered species it becomes a necessity

    We have all been to a zoo atleast once in our lifetime and it can often be a fun and educational trip but we are forgetting the main purpose of zoos. The main purpose of zoos is to provide a safe and protected habitat to those species whose natural habitats have been destroyed beyond repair or to species that are endangered, yes at times these zoos provide animals with minimal care and just keep these animals for the sake of money but in the end of the day we are the ones who provide these zoos with funds so if we stop funding the zoos which provide very little care they'll be forced to improve the standard of living of these animals.

  • Yes,they should be kept in zoos

    Zoos help keep animals protected with food and shelter and have prevented extinctions such as tigers and pandas.If we left them out in the wild they would die of hunger and thirst.Zoo need to keep the good work up otherwise i would side no instead of siding with yes. :)

  • It is fair

    It's fair because if they weren't in zoos they wold be in the dangerous world and they could have a less chance of dying in their lifetime. They could also run out of food and water, but if they were in a zoo they would not run out of food and water, because they have people that would serve them food and water everyday that they need it.

  • Some Zoo Animals are Taken Care For

    I would think that it is not inhumane for zookeepers to keep animals in the zoo. I do feel that a lot of the times, certain exotic animals are kept in zoos so that they are well taken care of by the zookeepers and veterinarians. Tigers, Pandas and even some species of monkeys could be brought into a zoo because they were injured in the wild or are possibly suffering from a certain disease and by being in the zoo they can be kept under watch and be fed nutrients and supplements to gain their strength. Sometimes the zoo will release the animal back into the wild if they feel that they were able to successfully bring a certain animal back to full strength.

  • Yes, if the zoos mimic habitat.

    Many species of animals have been saved and preserved from the extinction they would have had in the wild by being taken to zoos. Zoos allow many people to learn about and observe animals so they care about protecting them. But the zoo needs to be spacious and mimic the natural habitat of each animal.

  • Please let animals live freely!!

    The aim of Zoos are for the Educational purpose and for the Entertainment. But we see only from the out side of a Zoo, so we do not know what is happening there. If those animals are new to it they always worrying about wild and their parents. And Zoos cannot provide sufficient space like in the wild. And they are alone there forever.

  • Cmon guys help animals

    No zoos allowed. Animals need to be free. Help the animals. Make them free and do not ruin thier life. Make them happy. U need to help them. Zoos aren't good for them. They get separated from thier family. And you guys wouldn't like to be separated from your family do u? So think about them and make a change. No zoos

  • I hate cages

    We should not keep Ani as In cages. It may be fun to see some animals that r awsome. But imagine that if u r locked in cages showing off tricks to people. So I'm against. THEY SHOULD BE SET FREE AND NOT BE SCARED OF GOING TO THE ZOOS SO STOP!!

  • I hate cages

    We should not keep Ani as In cages. It may be fun to see some animals that r awsome. But imagine that if u r locked in cages showing off tricks to people. So I'm against. THEY SHOULD BE SET FREE AND NOT BE SCARED OF GOING TO THE ZOOS SO STOP!!

  • It is not fair

    It's not fair that they have to be put into cages while people pay to see them trapped into a cage because i'm pretty sure if animals could talk they would tell you no.No animal wants to be put to sleep hauled to a cage in a bigger place where other animals are captured and put into cages and people may say the animals are "endangered" but aren't

  • Zoos should be banned

    Zoos are cruel to animals. They force them to preform tricks and it's unnatural for them. They often die centuries before their wild relatives, and they are put under serious pressure. This makes them mentally ill. Also, when they are captured from the wild, they are often split from their families, which causes distress and depression. Animals have even been known to commit suicide due to zoos. ZOOS ARE CRUEL AND SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER!!!

  • Because they don't have enough space and they are just there to get looked at.

    Zoos cannot provide the amount of space animals have in the wild. Tigers and lions have about 18,000 times less space than they would have in the wild.
    Between 3,000 and 5,000 healthy zoo animals are killed in Europe every year.
    Some animals are deprived of their natural habitat.
    It is not far that animals get imprisoned to get looked at.

  • Desire of freedom

    Every single time, I visited the zoo, I saw animals looking at walls where murals of jungles, a fake sunset afar. I never saw them playing the way i did in Africa in open, enjoy the life they way they suppose to. I would not want myself to be snatched from my family, trained or locked up in concrete walls where people can say , "what a beautiful animal?". Freedom is a right that we should not deny to the animals just for our pleasure.

  • It isn't fair to keep animals in zoos.

    Sure it might be cool to go to a zoo and see wild animals, but think about how they feel. Imagine you being locked in a cage and on display for all to see. It isn't fair nor is it nice. Animals should have freedom to roam freely and not worry about getting captured.

  • Zoos should take the hike of a lifetime

    Why do we even need zoos? To help animals just go out in to the wild! Or make it illegal to kidnap. I think zoos need to be shut down. Animals can't survive the burning hot or freezing cold of the zoos location. And everyone read this and change your mind. I like turtles

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