Is it fair to let ill people die if they want to?

Asked by: guineapiglover
  • Why let people suffer?

    Why let people suffer? It is cruel to let people live in pain, instead of rising up to Heaven ( If you believe in it anyway) Why let people live if they want to die. It is like getting a kitten to hunt some deer, and then burn the hard work in the bush repeatedly. It would cost a relative and their families would have a hard time, but the people suffering should be happy, because their relative died the way they wanted to...

  • Yes, of Course

    I think it is cruel to force those with terminal and/or debilitating diseases to continue living in pain when they no longer wish to go on living. While I agree that there should be safeguards, and lots of checks and balances, I can see no reason why we should not be able to control the way our lives end.

  • Yes, it is fair to let ill people if they really want to

    We give people the chance to live; why shouldn't we give them the chance to die too? We all have the right to free will and if any person's suffering is too much for them to bear, it is their choice to die. Would it really be better for everyone if they lived without wishing it? It would cost their families, hospitals and, all the while, they are feeling morose and suffering greatly, without the chance of a painless escape.

  • Die in Peace

    Why should you have to suffer? If you can no longer have a satisfactory life and you're final days are approaching in nothing but a mass load of pain and discomfort anyway, why continue on? It will be hard on your family to watch you suffer and wouldn't it be a terrible way to go? Just miserable all the time? No thanks.

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