Is it fair to require students to maintain a "C" average in order to participate in school sports, clubs, and other after-school activities?

  • Kids should maintain "C" grades

    I think holding a "C" average is a great idea. It makes people work harder because theres something there they want. It's good that schools are making students get a C average to play sports. I think all schools should have a C average for even clubs and sports because some students think that it okay to worry about sports/club and then their go down big time in their grades.

  • Yes they should

    Bc students need to be more focused on getting a job, doing well in school and getting a good life. Not by searching for a sports team. They should be searching for a job, not teams where then they won't be even more focused on their education. They need to be more focused

  • It is fair!

    It is very fair for kids to have extracurricular activities because if you have dram club and you have a part of an famous actor you learn more about there lifestyle and you might learn things you never new before, you might also be able to add on to your school work with things you learned by doing extracurricular activities. So I hope you realize it is fair!

  • Kids should have a c average to play sports.

    Kids who play sports are likely going to be accepted into college to play ball, but only if they have go grades. If they don't, then they won't learn. If they don't learn then they will not get anywhere in life. Example, You want to go work for a nice business but you have to have had a c average in school. You don't so you don't get the job and that will be on you.

  • Students need to focus on school.

    If their off playing sports that's why there failing they should a least have a B- average to play sports. It is not right to have students having a C. That means you could have a F. That means you could be failing one of your classes and that should not be aloud.

  • It is completely fair

    By having to maintain at least a C-, it teaches kids that you have to work to be able to enjoy your self when you have extra time. Students need to learn this at an appropriate age when they can understand so they learn life lessons about work, money, and people around them and that life is not fair.

  • After high school, they "C" the results

    Kids need to learn that its not just about sports and that only 1 out of many kids only turn pro and that they need a back bone to lean on in case they don't turn pro. In case they need to go to college the school will still see that they maintained an average of a C and accept them.

  • It is NOT fair.

    Yes, I don't play sports, and yes, I'm horrible at it. But sports can be enjoyable for others. Especially if it's a way for the student to calm themselves down if the student is in a tough situation with their grades, or with friends/family. If you get an 'F' in a certain class, it will, no doubt, cause another situation for the student. And aren't schools supposed to help their students?

  • Too many people are behind in school and have low grades.

    A lot of people, I would say about 60% of every school, have terrible grades. Some kids even, say that they are proud that they have bad grades. There was a person my age that said to me joyfully, "they look like skittles," due to the coloring of each grade.

  • Kids should maintain "C" grades

    Students that have "C" grades will tell the sports or club teacher that if they don't allow someone with "C" grades to be in clubs or sports the student will not be able to enjoy his favorite activities and enjoy being with his friends that are in sports or in the clubs

  • No they shouldn't Im Anakin Skywalker

    As a Skywalker, I hate sitting through classes and I hate getting bad grades when I deal in absolutes, I'd rather destroy things with my lightsaber. I like to move around and be myself. I'm meant to be free and be a Sith, I'm not good at school because I always deal in absolutes.

  • Is it fair

    In some schools, you have to have at least a C average to participate in extracurricular activities. I agree vehemently with this. Fun activities are a privilege, and in order to earn fun things like sports or clubs, then you have to earn it. Good grades can be hard work, and so in return you are rewarded with extracurricular activities. Also, some might see it as a punishment that they can’t play their sport if they don’t have a passing grade. However, it is really only there to protect the student. Out in the real world, you have to work hard, and grades can help teach early on what that’s really about and how exactly to do that. Grades can also help you develop a good work ethic. For the most part, if you study, and pay attention, then your grades should be fine. If you really don’t understand the subject, then you should talk to the teacher about the concept that you don’t understand, or get a tutor or something!
    Don’t forget that the point of school is to educate you, and teach you a variety of things for the sake of their future education. You shouldn’t get through school mainly because of clubs, but should instead be a supplement to your overall experience. Anyways, if students have a commitment to their sport or club, then if they are really committed, then they should exercise that sort of commitment to their grades too! Privileges such as extracurricular activities should be worked towards, which the policy helps reinforce.
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  • Why Would I

    It just doesn't matter if you get good grades or bad grades for afterschool activities. I even work hard and play hard, never let anyone tell me I can't do nothing, I put more work in, even if I fail or succeed, and I know every single fact of it.

  • No they should not

    Keeping kids or the students from sports would make so they are in bad shape comapred to those who do sports all the time. Doing sports helps kids to have a positive mindset, and a negative mindset could lead to doing bad things. Like smoking for example because of stress.

  • No they shouldn't

    The kids that could not be getting the greatest grades or the best of lives maybe can't focus because the teacher said or the coach said you can't play this sport anymore.Then what is that kid supposed to hope for what are they supposed to look up for after school.

  • It right to have failing grades

    It may matter most to others to have good grades but people have to understand that others can't do what they do.Some people take time to develop new things that they just learn, so they won't get it right away.
    That's why i say it's right to have failing grades, because it proves something. It proves that you made an effort of trying the best you can do, and you never know. Maybe one day, that failing grade can be a passing one.

  • No a good grade

    The kid who his this grade is not trying hard to get in that sport you need good grades to be in that sport and all kid are smart ,so if you try you will reach you goal to be in that sport never give up on your self is my opinion

  • Kids shouldn't have a "c" average

    What if sports is something that calms you down, or relieves stress. If you do bad in one subject, and get under a "c" average, it WILL put you in even more stress, and most likely, you will do worse than you where already doing. It isn't fair at all!

  • It is unfair

    Just because people are failing or have a d in a class doent mean theyŕe not trying its gay that they make it like this i think they need to make it stop like boy i try in my classes and they never get that high of a grade so stop

  • No, Its really shouldnt require students to have Cs or above

    The reason schools shouldn't is because if the kid really likes the sport, They shouldn't get rid of it for him/her. This will make them less motivated for doing the school work and then he/she will go into a cycle of failing. This cycle is a horrible one and it shouldn't exist but it does because of this right here.

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