• Want services? Then pay taxes

    Property taxes pay for our most important social services. If you don't want to pay property taxes then consider what you lose. No free public education. An educated public provides the best security of any social program. They are healthier, commit less crime, and contribute more to the community. With out property taxes you can also say good by to public services like police and fire. You'll be on your own to defend yourself from criminals and what will you do if you have a fire? Perhaps some of you are fine with that but that would certainly be a step back into the life of the "wild west". What about maintenance of the roads to your property? Perhaps, those who wish not to pay property taxes should be offered that choice- but it should come with the fair consequences of not having any of these services. I'd like then to compare the property values of those tax delinquents with those communities that pay property taxes… something tells me that the communities with paved roads, police protection, and education will see the profits of their decision.

  • They are not fair

    The problem with taxes on property is that they don't take into account the ability to pay. Unlike taxes on income which you only have to pay as long as actually have an income in the first place, you always have to pay taxes on property regardless of your income status. This means that if your income drops for some reason or your property becomes more valuable then you might have to sell it so that the tax doesn't make you go bankrupt. This means that property taxes are by nature not fair.

    Some argue that property taxes are good because they are progressive, since many rich people have more expensive property. The problem with this argument is that taxing income also means richer people pay more than others just like they would with the property tax since the same income tax percentage will yield greater sums of money if collected on higher incomes. Thus property taxes are not more progressive than income taxes.

    In my opinion, taxes on property are motivated mostly by jealousy. Some people hate the idea that others own better or more property and thus they enjoy the thought of spoiling their fun.

  • Abolish property taxes

    As long as there are such taxes property will never be entirely owned, but only leased from the government. If someone wants to have a litter of children it's not right to have their neighbors forced to be responsible for their financial upkeep. It's the old story of politicians getting to tout all the great things they do with someone else's money. It's right out of "Goodfellas" with Paulie always getting his cut.

  • Property taxes should be banned

    It is one of the main reasons why people are forced to live in apartment buildings. I believe that anything you buy should only be taxed once, as if you were shopping in a store, and then whatever you bought is truly yours. If you buy a house and are paying taxes every year, you are basically still renting becuase think of what will happen if you own a house but lose your job and can no longer pay your taxes.

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