Is it fine for school officials to search students' lockers/personal belongings?

  • When they have probable cause, yes

    School officials shouldn't be busting into lockers left and right simply because they feel like it, but if they have reason to believe drugs, a weapon or something else that shouldn't be in one is, they should be allowed to take a look. When you aren't using school property correctly and may be endangering others, you lose your right to privacy.

  • On the fence but mostly saying no because

    It's an individual's right to have their privacy. Of course we learn from the past anything that can happen WILL happen, so it IS important to have the correct amount of stationed security along with walk-through sensors (for the schools with high gun violence, etc.).

    But for a school official to simply demand one's personal item to go through... Doesn't seem all that 'right' to me.

  • No it is not ok to search students personal items.

    No it is not ok for school officials to search a students locker and or personal belongings. That is a complete invasion of privacy and if they feel that the student has an illegal or dangerous item should have to contact the police to do so. It is just as police need a warrant to search your house, students should not have to fear a higher up rummaging through their stuff.

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