Is it forgivable that 2 MPs of BJP (an Indian political party) were viewing pornography in a Parliament session?

  • It's just looking at people having sex

    What's the big deal about sex? They should be reprimanded for wasting time with frivolous entertainment while they should be focused on doing their jobs, but pornography is just pornography. It's just people engaged in sexual relationships for your entertainment. That is all that it is. Porn showcases a natural human activity that shouldn't be treated any differently other than keeping kids from seeing pornography because they haven't matured yet.

  • This is disgusting

    Just the thought of professionals watching porn is gross. The fact that they're watching porn during a parliament session is unacceptable and really immature on their part. Also, it makes them look bad as a political party. Their reputation is also destroyed and this should not be acceptable at all.

  • Of course not!

    Since the government itself is such a disgrace to the country, how will they work to protect the women living in India?! It is so disturbing to hear these things. Not proud to be Indian after all. >.<

    Sometimes I feel that the government itself is taking advantage of "Democracy" and hence all these goons and rapists continue to live freely while innocent women die tragically.

    Posted by: MK96

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