Is it girly to be conscious about your looks and dressing sense?

Asked by: jatinpunera
  • Real men don't care

    My Grandfather leaves the house every morning with yellow tinted sunglasses, a khaki military-style vest, an old German WWII flight jacket, a fanny pack, a utility belt, equipped with keys, a knife, and various other tools, and a big straw hat. He doesn't give a crap about how he looks. His motive is to be prepared for the day, not to look stylish.

    My Father isn't that different. The key to dressing well is confidence. Both of these men can pull off their looks because they are confident. They don't have to "create confidence", they just have it.

  • No ITS NOT!

    If you care about your looks or your dressing sense being a guy it just means you wanna look good and have a good aura around you.I mean I am conscious about the comb I use the face wash I use the clothes I wear it doesn't mean I wanna be girly it just means that I care about getting a good comb that doesn't harm my scalp I use a good brand facewash so that I look more fair because I like it as it gives a good look on me I am very conscious about the kind of clothes I wear because I like to be classy have a formal classy appearance.Now I strongly object calling all this girly because I have never this thing in mind that I want to look pretty like girls noway I want to look good and have a good impression on people and create a charismatic aura around me

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