• Yes it's good for people of all ages to reminiscence!

    It's important for people of all ages to reminiscence because it can lift their mood, and being happy is an essential part of life. Thinking back to the old days is one of the best feelings, in my opinion. I can see no harm that could come from people over the age of 60 kicking back with a friend and talking about a time from the past.

  • Keeps Their Mind Sharp

    Reminiscing helps keep the mind sharp. The more things that old people can remember, the better their neural connections are in the brain. When older people have more neurons and more neural connections, things like dementia and Alzheimer's disease are weakened. It is good to reminisce because it can also strengthen family bonds when old people recall fond memories with loved ones.

  • Age Doesn't Matter

    I do not believe age matters with this issues. I believe people benefit from reminiscing, I think that is one of the reasons people want relationships. You can't reminiscence, unless you have someone to reminiscence with or it's at least more vivid if you have a partner. People of all ages benefit from this practice.

  • They have memories.

    Yes, it is good for people over the age of 60 to think about their lives, because once you have lived a moment in time, it becomes a memory. A person's things cannot truly be memories. The people should think about the lives that they have had, because that is the best souvenir you can take.

  • Git Gud Scrubs

    All of you on the "Yes" side are using reminisce wrong. You are all using the noun form when you mean to use the verb form.
    You are the dregs of society and you deserve to be gunned down in the streets like the degenerates that you are. This argument makes me doubt the American Education System.
    Rekt M8s

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