• Yes it is.

    It is good news for Russia to send people back to the moon in 2031. This is enough time for them to figure out the best way and method. They will have enough time to work of their past mistakes. I support this since we will be able to know the new discoveries.

  • It is exciting.

    There is something romantic and exciting about humans walking on the moon. It captures our awe and it captures our mystery. Russia will become the pride of the world if they can put a person back on the moon. People all over the world will admire them for having the best space program.

  • Russia has better things to do...

    There are a lot of problems in the world, and if Russia could focus more on solving them, instead of spending $450 million on a space shuttle. Problems like global warming, poverty, unemployment, wars, slavery, and more should be solved first. I personally don't see how walking on the moon is romantic, because it's grey, full of craters, and that's it.

  • No, I donn`t think so.

    Every 5 years they make some wild pitch like this. At this point, most the rest of the world has stopped paying attention. They don't have the money, or resources to produce results. The last time they had a space-faring vessel good enough to give this claim credibility, it fell over from lack of maintenance, and they left the wreckage to rot because it was the cheapest option. I fear for the crew of any manned mission they launch beyond the ISS.
    SpaceX will make it to Mars before Russia makes it to the moon.

  • No, Russia needs to focus elsewhere

    It is my belief that Russia has far greater economic and social concerns at the moment than sending people to the moon. Such projects consume a large amount of money and resources, and it is hard to justify such a high-minded expenditure when Russia is experiencing high levels of unemployment, crime, and poverty.

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