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  • In today's society, it makes no sense.

    Our world is completely run by technology. Particularly to this subject, teenagers are known to be ruled by their technology (namely their phones). And in many instances in the past, in which cell phones did not exist, where a teenager (or any other person, for that matter) was in a perilous or life threatening situation that perished or was seriously and irrevocably affected because of said situation, the simple presence of a cell phone (for the purposes of contacting help) could have eliminated, or at least greatly reduced the chances of a tragic ending taking place. This is why it is essential for teenagers to have a phone on hand.

    Additionally, in today's society, a great deal of social bonding between young people is done through the medium of technology. The cell phone is the most common vector. Because of this, though not impossible, it causes an increased burden to the teen's social development if they cannot participate in this overtly common practice. Therefore, it is only logical to provide a teenager with a phone, but along with it must come a certain learning and understanding of the power and responsibility of the device that rules over modern society.

  • It is not good

    First you are spoiling that child’ social life no matter the “good”you feeel you are doing for your teenager. Such a teen may end up with low self esteem knowing that all his other mates have phones and she or he doesn’t. I feel teens need phones in this generation.

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