• Snowden is a PATRIOT

    Snowden revealed facts, that should be known, to the American public. These facts were revealed b other leakers, but not as fully as Snowden did. We now know the full story, and the horrors of what the gov't was doing to Americans. Snowden is a good guy, and appreciate him for doing this.

  • Good should be encouraged even if it is against law

    We have created all the systems in order to protect human beings but even for that systems there should be a limit as snowden stood for human beings when us is violating the human beings rights.
    Even i dont know why usa is wants to bring snowden before law when what he did is good

  • Snowden is a hero

    Snowden broke the law by showing us the Government breaking the law, people need to understand that just because it is law does not mean we should follow it. Snowden gave us the push to have the reason to take control. We should be throwing out our politicians, we should be taking control.

  • Snowden is not a bad guy

    Snowden is arguably an American hero. What Snowden did is that he revealed to the American public that the NSA and the Obama administration lied under oath and is doing extensive spying on every American citizen without any real reason. This is something that the public needs to know and we should be thankful that Snowden brought this to our attention.

  • Russia likely wants Snowden dead too.

    Russia, like any nation, does not like people who release information. They will look at Snowden the same way the US Government does. It like honor among thieves... They may be enemies, but on a political field, people like Snowden are neutral enemies to all Governments. It's not likely Snowden will survive Russia.

    Besides. Snowden's life is not worth the many men who might die if Russia's decision leads to a larger conflict. This provokes too much.

  • Russia's actions are for the wrong reasons

    It's good in principle that Snowden has escaped punishment. Governmental secrecy is very much at odds with the ideals of the Constitution, and so anything that makes our government's actions more transparent can be justified with it. However, I don't think Russia is being uncooperative for libertarian reasons. The country plainly seems to want to openly defy the wishes of the US, which obviously isn't a good thing.

  • Definately not, it could be another step towards World War 3.

    Okay, so let's look at the conflict in Syria. The Americans and Europe have taken sides with the Rebels (Europe wants a democracy, the Americans just want oil), and therefore the Russians and Chinese have taken sides with the government of Syria. That is step towards WW3 number one. Secondly, there is the history of Russia and America, obviously hating each other ever since the end of World War 2, doesn't help the situation, and with races to more nuclear weapons and oil etc, the Cold War hasn't really ended. That is reason number two. The third reason is obviously this Snowden case, and with a lot of top secret information held by Snowden, being in the hands of the "Enemy" is the last thing America wants. And as we have always said, three is a magic number, right?

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-17T10:41:18.370
It gives the issue at hand time to be brought into the limelight and properly discussed in the public sphere.