Is it good that white people are getting the bad end of the stick with racism now?

  • Yeah it is

    Black people always get the worst end of the stick throughout history and then we’re supposed to just say “oh yeah you did that to our ancestors”. Then downplay the entire thing like nothing. Nope now it’s revenge on all you white privileged trump supporters. How does it feel Whitties?

  • Okay, First of all, MOST WHITES aren't RACIST.

    Yes, MANY whites are racist but EVEN MORE whites aren't racist. I do think that 50% of America is stupid while the other 50% of America is smart. But yes I do understand why blacks would distrust whites because it's hard to tell if they are a good person or a racist. Also, The other person doesn't realize that I'm White and I voted for Biden? They are assuming everyone with the skin color white is a trump supporter, So the facts are here. Also what I realized is that Black people can sometimes be racists. I support BLM and I help BLM like once a month but Black people can be racist, And Black people say that racism is ONLY directed at them, Completely ignoring Asians and all the racism they are going through right now. I do think it's Karma for the Trump Supporters and I want them to all pay for their thoughts and what they want to do to this world. But once again you can't just assume all Whites are Trump Supporters.

  • The goal is to eliminate racism and live together harmoniously.

    Only a fool would think its a good thing that racism is being directed at whites, Or any other group for that matter. The result will be violence and conflict, Are there really people who have such low IQs they support being racist? How is this still an issue in 2021?

    Oh wait thats right some people like to exploit racism for personal gain or use it as an excuse for their own failings.

    Grow the hell up people.

  • Jealously: Simple as that

    Every race has enslaved, Tortured, And etc. Whites just happened to be the most successful race in the world. When you think of all the successes of humanity, It's been the western world that has made the most progress. The fact is that it's just pure resentment for the success of Whites by blacks, Because of the lack of success they have had compared to the rest of the world.

  • If your goal is a world with less racism then obviously not.

    Martin Luther King said to judge people based on the content of their character. The vast majority of people in western countries believe this. Blaming people for things that happened hundreds of years ago based on race is in direct contradiction to that message. If the majority population gets pushed by the minority into the identitarian war, The minority will not benefit from the outcome.

  • Nobody should have to deal with racism.

    I'm not saying that BLM is a joke or anything, But nobody should have to deal with racism. People say BLM is bad and that all lives matter, But of course we get that all lives matter, But black lives are getting the bad end of the stick and we need your help.

  • Honestly people are denser than a rock with this statement.

    Let's ask people with European background this statement. Looking back on history when the Italians, Irish, Polish, Jews etc immigrated to America to seek a new life got welcomed with nothing but prejudice. It's 2021 and haven't heard any of them bitching about how the people who were born here to take account of their actions.

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sangheili says2021-03-30T00:10:48.577
Its funny how every country had racism or push other people out or captured people but American is the only nation people talk about when it comes to racism with white and black

Like Britain with Irish and Africa doesn't exist or when
Japan with black people
China that fights anyone thats foreign

Sectarianism, Particularly anti-Irish-Catholic sentiment was initially enshrined in law, Reflecting the difficult position of Irish people within the British Empire.

Racism in Africa> some tribes still hate each other
Bantu Tribe enslaved Pygmies Tribe still

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