• Yes we should

    If we cooperate well we could have access to all of north Korea’s many natural resources which could be used in future advancements of technology which would also boost the economies of many countries. Also North Korea is currently working on a intercontinental ballistic missile which could reach different parts of the world and if we cooperate we could prevent a missile ever reaching America

  • I think that coaperating with north korea is good

    If we coaperate with north korea there are very many resorces under north korea and we could use it and we could have a groth of society so we will have more adventages if we coaperate with north korea !! !!!!!! ! ! ! !! !! ! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We should coaperatte with narth karea

    I ma os appy for caoaperating wthi norht korae. Ti will be a goloods time.

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  • Stay Skeptical Everyone.

    The Middle East is so hot right now with everything happening in Syria as it is and I think the major super powers of the world (US, Russia, China) don't want a nuclear powered state like North Korea saber rattling to hard and triggering Trump to actually have to do something about him.

    China uses North Korea as an actual threat if the United States fronts an unstoppable economic war. But since Israel has come out with these documents on the Iran Nuke deal it's caused trouble. China has investments in Iran because of their resources. This is my assumption but to me I won't have any calm thoughts about North Korea until they are reunited under the South Korean flag. The stand still in the middle East has to move forward, pieces have to be moved, and the media is going to distract us by talking about almost anything else as the world powers push to their next move.

  • Decrease risk of nuclear war & a higher chance of peaceful regime change

    Firstly, refusing to cooperate with a country that is nuclear armed poses risks to the world to tail events of global destruction. While their missiles have for a long time been harmless, recently (late last year around Nov 2017), they have Intercontinental ballistic missiles with proven capabilities of reaching major countries like the USA. If Kim Jong Un was an irrational leader that did not care about the principle of mutually assured destruction, a lack of cooperation significantly increases the risk of nuclear war.

    Secondly, cooperation can ben shown to lead to nuclear disarmament. The case in point is Iran, where the nuclear deal has been proven to work, independent observers have attested to Iran's compliance of the deal. This shows that even with principled leaders with the ideology of hate against western powers, cooperation could cause them to cooperate.

    Even if applying harsh sanctions and avoiding any form of cooperation with North Korea does not lead to nuclear war, there is a risk of destabilization in the East Asia region. A population of 25 million people in North Korea would be displaced, causing havoc to neighboring regions, South Korea and China. This shock could cause long-term problems while cooperating could lead to a stable regime change away from abuses of human rights.

    The solution therefore is to continue with cooperation but at the same time utilize some degree of pressure via sanctions for a gradual regime change that performs human rights abuses.

  • Cooperation for peace

    Cooperation for peace and doesn't means compensation of security and welfare of larger public. If we close the ways to dialogues and cooperation, we exclude the N Korea closing the doors to potential welfare and peace that can be brought to the people of the country and safety of the entire world. North korea needs to realize that the other countries are ready to help it develop and improve the quality of life of its people if it is ready to cooperate. Only by cooperation it can realize how meaningful it is to create harmony with rest of the world for peace. This cant be done by exclusion, which in anyway is working for all sides.

  • By this point, it doesn't even matter

    Honestly, whether we stay on their good side or bad side, Kim Jong-un won't be making any advances anytime soon. America is currently and has always been #1 when it comes to manufacturing and housing nuclear explosives. Unless Kim wants a country of debris and radiation down his throat, he's not going to make any moves.

  • Let back up a bit, they want Nukes even with sanctions. Now all of a sudden there talking about denuclearization the minute they have it?

    GROW UP Democrats, it just another manipulative trick to throw more money for something they'll never going to do! Remember North korea promise to Clinton , how about Obama? Why aren't you suspicious that the fat tyrant for the first time in History suddently have the confidence to leave his little Regime and explore the World, you think He going to pawn that? NO

    stop being cowards and take a stance for once

  • Too risky and Can't Trust

    Yesterday President Trump just cancelled an almost historic summit with North Korea, which is good. Past Presidents, like Bill Clinton gave millions of dollars to North Korea to stop their Nuclear Weapons Program. No surprise, North Korea lied, took the money, and made more missiles. If there is peace with North Korea, I'll be happy. Another example is Obama with Iran. I know Iran isn't as the same level as North Korea, but still there trying to make a Nuclear Weapons Program. Iran got 400 million dollars, and then they lied, took the money to get more research.
    Once the U.S can actually trust North Korea (which probably won't happen within the next decade or 2) they MAYBE we can lend them SOME money for food aid, but only once they stop their Nuclear Weapons Program and shut down all facilities.

    Posted by: SKRT
  • Can't trust them.

    Past presidents have tried to cooperate with them but each time N.K. Has not kept their end of the deal and just continued down the road to nuclear weapons. Sorry but those days are over as we have no choice but to force them to get rid of their nuclear program, and verifying it, before letting up the pressure. Once complete, of course we will remove trade restrictions and lessen our military presence. In the process, we could also see a peace treaty signed that would finally end a war that has been stalled for decades. If Kim Jung-un can prove himself as a leader who cares for his people and not just his seat of power, I could see allowing him to stay in power.

  • We shouldn’t trust North Korea

    With the amounts of threats North Korea has aimed at the United States, it’s hard to be liege that they don’t have an alterior motives when it comes to negotiating peace with the United States. Do we really believe that North Korea is willing to hand over their nukes? There only threat against America? Think about it.

  • I want them to bomb us so I can play fallout

    Bro Dude Bude dro I need to go to new vegas so I can meet друг he is a good doggo and needs to be loved and cared for and wants many kitters to eat and he can protec us from the impending apopkalips so in short we need more bombs

  • I don't trust North Korea (NK)

    I want peace with NK.

    However, I think it's like spam. NK may "want" peace in order for his enemies to let down their defenses. Then when his enemies aren't expecting an NK attack and when the US pulls out of the Korean peninsula, I'm worried that NK would want to invade SK, surprising the whole world and making it hard for the US to interfere once the US military is out.

    I think NK needs to had something over to prove they want peace. Something they can hand over is their whole country. Once their country is handed over to SK, then the North Koreans should get exposed to their southern neighbor and they should know what SK is like so they will despise their former prison country. A buffer would be established between the peninsula and China so China doesn't have to have a democracy on it's borders. Then there would be more peace on the peninsula and the far east.

    Posted by: asta

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