• Yes, it is.

    Not only is it good, but it is necessary. The richest country in the world can't let it's most vulnerable residents starve to death. It's already a shame that there are homeless people. It is very unfortunate that some polititians insist on cuts for people who are already suffering and struggling. Many people on welfare have disabilities and can't make it on their own.

  • It is good to have welfare

    It is good to have welfare for the elderly, and for people who are disabled. This is because of the fact that these people cannot help that they can't make enough money to live. These people should be supported by society, because one day we will all be old, and it is optimal to have a plan.

  • Some people honestly need the help

    Yes, I believe that welfare is a good thing. Some really just need assistance for a short time until they are able to get on their feet. Others, unfortunately, take advantage of the system and make it seem as if it is a waste of money. I believe welfare is a temporary fix for a long term problem and sometimes this is all that is needed to motivate someone to move forward and not give up.

  • In a rich nation, a hand up is a good thing

    When you live in a country that's not totally impoverished then it's only right to give a hand up to those in need. There is a find line in the sand of how much we should be doing for people. People have forgotten how to take care of themselves, or really rough it to make it work.

  • Social Programs Are Important

    I believe having some form of a welfare system is important and good for society. I do not believe we have the social programs that we are use to in the past, but I think there are many targeted assistance plans that can help people with rent, food, child care, and some other things. I think these plans are good, especially given the low wages paid by some of the richest corporations.

  • The Welfare State

    It provides a safety net for people who get laid off and people who cannot find work. Children benefit from the welfare system and its unfair for them to have to suffer because there parents can't provide. Just because some people are lazy and will abuse the welfare system doesn't mean we should deny people of their safety net who are looking for work or are just not in a working state.

  • Countries with welfare have shown that there is a better way. Indeed welfare is good.

    Americans assume that because part of the economy is state owned that means that the country is falling to socialism or worse communism, but that is very far from the truth. Instead competitive open market economies have shown that welfare is indeed valuable. For example take north Europe, these countries have a longer life span, less, crime, better education and health systems, than the United States, yet they are not communist or socialists at all. They have very competitive industries such as the German cars. These countries understood that free market is good for certain products and services, but they also understood the limitations of such a model. They understood that education and health is a right and therefore should they should be guaranteed. While the USA deepens its social differences between poor and rich, Europe has a society that is increasingly better educated and healthier. This is leading to happier people and maybe it will ultimately lead to wealthier people.

  • Welfare causes crime

    Giving someone something for nothing breeds a mentality that everything should be free. Then they or their fatherless children turn to crime to get more free stuff. The next generation continues this tradition started by their ancestors. We need to stop cold turkey and make them work. Put them in labor camps if the can't make it on their own. Take away their bastard children and put them to work in labor camps also.

  • Free Money? No!

    The American dream is based on you working tours your own achievement. Now with welfare programs being so generous we have Americans sitting on there ass all day because that is what the government is paying them to do. If we as a nation cut welfare or regulated more people would actually try and find a job.

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