• Better Me Than Them

    It is much more morally right to kill the deer yourself. It will most likely be done in a much more humane manner and the time you spend hunting the deer will be more valuable than if you spent money on the same meat. That is excluding the numerous statistics about overpopulation and slaughter houses.

  • Yes it s good

    Deer are overpopulated its a fact. If you have ever hit a deer with your car you know how much damage it can cause and how unsafe it is to have a deer run across the road. When people bring up bambi it ticks me off . That was pure fiction no truth whatsoever. I believe it is a good experience . So JOIN THE HUNT

  • Hard question to answer

    Very difficult question to answer, it could have been worded far better. However, I vote yes, it is good in the case of very large deer populations that have no natural predators to keep their numbers in check, for example in the UK and eastern USA. This is because once too many deer are isolated in an area they destroy all food supplies in that area, causing untold damage to woodland and starving many members of the herds, who simply don't have enough food to survive the winter. Also, the destruction of woodland habitats caused by overpopulation cause damage to populations of other animals in that environment, such as ground-nesting birds and even tree nesting birds, not least the small mammals that live in the undergrowth that the huge numbers of deer destroy. By hunting deer, the population is kept in check, as if there was still a predator in the area that was eating them. Don't get me wrong - if irritating farmers would stop complaining about their livestock then I would love introductions of large carnivores, such as wolves and lynx, to be reintroduced, but in this environment they would not last a single week unfortunately, what with angry farmers taking revenge for their badly places livestock that has been attacked by a predator.

  • I disagree with this

    This is cruelty to animals. Don't you remember when bambi and his friends had to move somewhere else to be away from the hunters? Fictional and real life shall not have cruelty to animals. What if the animals were to be bipedal like us humans? Why so much cruelty? No more meats!

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