• Promotes diversity and keeps us open-minded.

    I live in a multicultural neighborhood where Asians are 59% of the population, Latinos account for 19%, 20% White, and the rest are African-american. Racism (in my experience) is more or less rare since we're used to seeing others of different backgrounds. To be honest, when communities are like 90% this race or that, the majority won't be used to seeing others of different backgrounds when they go out in life.

  • Refugees are welcome


  • Its very beneficial for us.

    Firstly, I think that living in a diverse society is beneficial because you can learn more about different cultures. For instance, you can try different foods and this helps us understand more about other religions .This improves Britain as we get to know one another better. Also, Britain is a country that recognises people with different backgrounds, skills, experiences and this then brings fresh ideas & perceptions that can improve this country. Therefore this shows that living in a society can be a good thing

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  • Multicultural society is a good thing for you and your children

    It is good to have and live in a multicultural society because everybody contributes to a different part of society and it provides different views, perspectives, ideas, and friendship. A multicultural society is a better society because in classroom your children are learning about different cultures and are learning about problems in the world which will help them learn problem solving and will help them later on in life.

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  • I like diversity

    Nowadays our planet is becoming more and more developed, to the point that there aren’t blank spots on a map anymore. People made efforts to discover all places on the Earth through hard conditions and misfortunes. We have planes, trains, boats cars and all other vehicles that brings us to different destinations around the world. It’s very easy to move from one country to other without any difficulties or problems. That’s why we can notice an enormous mixture of nationalities in a country

  • It is the bridge of humanity.

    Multiculturalism doesn't mean to adopt something new and forget the past. Doesn't mean because you accepted the existence of a culture, you'll forget your own. Multiculturalism means accepting the cultures and beliefs with the presence of respect and open mindedness. The only thing is it crucial is when you changed your identity in order to belong or to fit in in other culture. Just be yourself, enjoy everything but don't forget where you come from.

  • The new generation would adapt to another culture, so it's a risk for our own culture, it could disappear.

    No, it isn't. Because we can lose our cultural identity by adopting others. The new generation would be more attracted to others cultures and forget the their own culture, here in my country there are so many people from different countries, they bring their culture here, and the young people are losing their own culture for adapting to others, so it's a risk to the generation of the future.

  • Pro multicultural societies are great however flawed

    In my country, we are very pro-multicultural and I can tell from personal experience as a person who was born and raised here my whole life, that we have too much racial tension. I am generally open minded about other cultures and I have many multicultural friends. But it seems like whenever I was bullied by someone from a different culture, they would call me racist and derogatory terms which made me develop negative opinions of certain cultures.

  • Obligations to Morality

    Multiculturalism should not be confused with a society that is simply open minded and accepting to its communities or majorities. Multiculturalism is a dangerous component to forcing a culture to change. The idea itself is inherently good and rooted in philosophies that have undisputed reverence to the values of liberty and equality. However, reacting and instigating change must be done from both a situational perspective and an ethical one. Multiculturalism today, employed in Germany, the UK and France has ultimately failed.

    Why? You must visit these countries to see the dynamic changes that have taken place. Every culture exists because people have been raised with those customs, through history and humanity. There will always be dominant cultures that consciously or unconsciously make others a minority. So we see separate communities spring up, ghettoes created, additional rises in crime, and the eventual persecution of the parent culture of the nation in a web of contradicting morals, opinions and expectations.

    In Denmark and several EU countries, women have been raped/harassed in public for not donning certain religious wear. Laws have been changed to accommodate certain militant aspects in particular religions. How can we claim to protect cultures and learn from them if we lose our own?

    What unity in our nation will we will have if we have no national identity? To be in another country is to respect it, and if one is to reside there, one must be aware of the customs. So the same must be said for western civilizations. We cannot forget the past, of Imperialism, but we cannot build our policies both public and foreign on guilt of past colonial aggressions.

    I value my country, my freedom and my fellow citizens, regardless of age, regardless of party and regardless of race. Together we have to come to fair terms with preserving our own culture without destroying the opportunities of others to find a better life. The current multicultural idea of just accepting anyone and everyone with only the hintest reference of learning english is unacceptable. Most people who support multiculturalism are suburban middle class to upper middle class individuals, who attend post secondary and live their lives shielded from the real causes of multiculturalism, who have never experienced real repression.

    For every offence against someone who is different, there is always a similar story occurring in their country where the values they believed were challenged. It is natural to be blinded by rhetoric, but the policies of certain governments will spell the end for our own culture within a decade. Islam will take over.

  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Multiculturalism is the opposite of unity - aimed at deconstructing the majority culture within a country, to give room for minority cultures. People in multicultural societies have been robbed of an ethnic idenitity, as being English, French or of another multicultural country no longer says anything regarding the persons ethnicity, religion or origin (ie. You can be a Sudanese muslim with french citizenship and in a multicultural setting, you're just as french). In this way, ethnicity has through as sort of multicultural ignorance been devolved to simply letters in a passport (ie. Citizenship). Unfortunately, this goes against basic human instinct, as people are social beings who want to belong - and therefore, multiculturalism creates internal conflict within a population, starting with increasing rates of violence and crime between the ethnic groups, as we are witnessing in all declared multicultural nations.

  • Some cultures are superior to others.

    Most people who promote and support multiculturalism do so based on a philosophy of liberalism and tolerance . Their problem is that they must decide whether they want to include in their multicultural mix, sub cultures that are intolerant of others. Do you want cultures that are homophobic, and misogynistic? Do you want to include cultures that want to change your laws to make them less liberal? Do you welcome extremism? Fascists, Nationalists, Buddhists, Anarchists, Muslims, welfare scrougers. All of these sub cultures are available in your utopian multicultural society but my guess is that you will accept some and reject others. If this is the case then you are not advocating a multicultural society but a designer mix of cultural influences that suite your own fantasy of an ideal that will never be.

  • I say that multiculturalism is bad for the host society.

    Multiculturalism is bad for the people who are apart of it. I will interject my own experiences into this. Multiculturalism has led to the decline of all the students at my school, compared to the average of a far more homogeneous background, my school preforms at a twenty percent deficit compared to that school.
    It is leading to the downfall of Sweden which is by far the society which has done the most in its power to adopt multiculturalism and has seen a massive increase in spending on welfare, and a significant increase in all crimes, with over ninety percent of its rapes as the result of the immigrants who have been moving into the country.
    Multiculturalism = death of a country and its people through parasitic infection.

  • Not good, fighting eventually will arise

    Unless a nation is governed by one set of laws ( one mind set) that applies to a whole nation, it's bound to fail. F.A.I.L It takes only one disaster or problem
    In that society before each one starts to blame each other. Once everyone starts this, people form as groups again to dominate by culture. Portuguese with Portuguese, Dutch with Dutch, Hindu with Hindu.

    The small piece of land that the whole world is fighting for is the only nation with the ability to live a multicultural society because it has this going. Can't compete with the perfect design and law from above ;)

  • Multiculturalism is, currently, impossible.

    People will not simply blend in together in a huge society. Even if you allow them too, people will separate naturally, no matter how much you force people to be together. This means instead of having one society working together, you have hundreds of different societies all fighting(Some violently, others politically and peacefully) to be the dominant society. Forming ghettos, groups etc. And every single one of them has a right to. This creates tension. As human beings, we all feel more comfortable with a person who has similar ideals as us. Skin colour isnt the issue, its the way a person was raised and his moral values. Most people can get along with anyone, thats true, however they will always prefer their own culture. People will also use their culture background either as an excuse to commit crime, or even as motivation. Multicultural society is a great idea on paper, not so much in practice. The only way this can work is to put the countries law over and above ANY culture. In today's age, the law often bends to appease different cultures. The law of the country must separate itself from any religion and be strictly above all beliefs. Unfortunately, since we are simply running out of land multiculturalism is simply something that WILL happen due time. However, as I stated above, the countries law must be above everyone's personal beliefs, irrelevant of what they are. For example, there was a case a long time ago that some guys/girls/whatever where caught smoking weed, and were excused from any penalties because their religion allowed it. If Smoking weed is illegal in the country, then it is illegal, fullstop. If its not, then its not, fullstop. No personal beliefs should be above the law.

  • You accidentally offend someone & it creates division itself

    Especially when there is a difference in sitting positions, hand signals, eating styles, drinking styles, symbols and emblems, for example the Swastika which is a symbol of good luck and fortune in India and Far East Asia but God forbid if a Westerner from Europe or America sees it.

    Another is that it creates division by saying "we are different because my culture and beliefs are different from yours." Pure irony in grandiose form that multiculturalism, though it helps you respect other humans, overall creates a divided society.

  • I say no with caution

    I have no problem with people wanting to preserve their culture if it's a culture that is accepting of others and whatnot. But there's a line. Like in countries like England and Denmark they're purely hateful of other people. It's not fear of multiculturalism. They have a Jim Crow attitude. In countries like Germany and Italy it's more like this question.

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