Is it good to sell junk food in school cafeterias?

  • Yes because you know ,

    That when you drink soda or eat Junk food you get Energy and for example you have a test coming up after you eat, The food can give you confidence and thats cause of the Energy. Maybe some of you don't agree with me but it is really true! Maybe your grade could be higher cause the ENERgY

  • Yes, they should

    Children are still children. They have the right to eat what they want. If you don't want them to have junk food there is actually something you can do to call the school and they will prevent your child from having junk food. It will show up when they try to buy the food.

  • I think it's okay to sell junk food in school cafeterias.

    I think it's okay to sell junk food in school cafeterias. Removing something completely from the equation is not a good way to teach kids. A better thing to do would be to inform kids of the dangers of consuming too much junk food, and giving them the education needed to make their own smart decisions about their diet.

  • Yes,it is good to sell junk food in schools.

    It is good to sell junk food in schools.There are several good reasons to sell junk food in schools.First of all it may bring revenue to a school that is badly needed.It also teaches children the importance of making good food choices even when bad ones are available to them

  • Because they should eat what they want

    Because they are still kids they don't know what to eat and what not to eat so that is why i said yes they should sell junk food in the cafeteria. Also the kids want to eat junk food and that's their decision so yeah that's why i think they should.

  • Nnnoooooo not junkies

    Just stop with it. Ereybody gonnna get fat.. Duhhhhh. If all the little peeps eat the bad food, they is gonna get fat and unhealthy and eventually die from fatness. Aint i smart now yall??? I am like just so super great and smart. I bet you wish you were as smart as me.

  • Yes, I think so because

    I think because after lunch you have all this energy you can just burn it off from stress and then it wont be so much of a problem. If you are hungry you can just have a snack. FOOOOD FOOOD food food food food ff f f ff f f

  • Why its good to sell junk food at school

    Most people eat junk food occasionally and parents can tell the school their child can not have junk food at school. Parents also can monitor what their child eats at school thanks to infinite campus. Yes it is good that we sell junk food at schools. Also because America. America.

  • Yes we should

    If you want to be healthy there is a thing as to healthy. If you are too skinny it can hurt you. If you think you need body fat and when you are young you go through growth spurts and you need to eat food it can fill you up and make you want more. I'm average are you or are you to healthy.

  • People need junk food

    It wouldn't be healthy but who cares if people are healthy its not like they will get it literally every day they can and its there choice if they become fate/non healthy why do people care what other people think or want its their life and they should be able to live how they choose.

  • No to junk

    It is proven that more people, 1980 (153million) to 20011 (350million), have got type 2 diabetes because of regularly eating junk food at either school or if you want to grab a quick snack on the way to work. There are more disastrous conditions that you could get such as: strokes, heart failure, kidney failure, blood vessel damage and many more.
    So say no to junk food!

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  • Fuck school food

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  • Foods Should Be Good for Students

    Just like the knowledge kids gain from teachers, food from the school cafeteria should be good and not junky. Although junk food may be cheaper, kids don't need that. High fat, high carb foods shouldn't be the norm. One way to make it less expensive is to outsource food service.

  • It is not good to sell junk food in school cafeterias.

    It is not good to sell junk food in school cafeterias. Children should be getting much better food at school then most of them get at home. Nutrients help the body and the mind and by selling junk food we would be defeating both of these purposes. I do not think this is a good idea.

  • No, don't sell junk food in school cafeterias.

    I believe that it is not good to sell junk food in school cafeterias. Childhood obesity is a huge problem and selling junk food will only contribute to the problem. Children will buy the junk food instead of buying a healthier school lunch. Junk food has empty calories so the students will be lethargic after eating that kind of food.

  • It is not good.

    Schools do need to feed their students and they need to make sure it is as healthy as possible. If parents would like students to eat unhealthier options, then that is their decision. However, if they don't, then the schools need to provide healthy options for kids to choose from.

  • No, it isn't

    Kids have enough outlets to get junk food without providing it in an environment that you can control limiting how much that they have. Back when I was in high school a decade ago there was an ice cream vending machine in the cafeteria, which was admittedly awesome but a ridiculous thing to have in an environment that's supposed to be bettering kids.

  • Junk food should not be sold in school.

    It is within ill practice that junk food be sold within school cafeterias. Simply due to financial restriction, we should pay more attention to other aspects of our childrens education besides extra curricular activities. More attention is set upon sports and clubs, then actual school diet options. This needs to change if we are to combat the childhood obesity problem within America.

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