Is it good (yes) or bad (no) for the younger generation to be encouraged to enter the workplace during high school?

  • Yes, high schoolers should have some type of job.

    No one expects high schoolers to have a 40 hour per week job. However, it is important for young people to grasp the relationship between labor and wages. If your parents give you money for whatever you need, you will not place very much value on money, hard work, or your own time. Working a part time job can instill these values.

  • Yes, it is good for teens to enger the workplace during high school.

    Yes, teens should enter the workplace during high school, as a part-time job will give them good work experience. Having a job will teach kids about hard work and responsibility, and they will learn how much they need to work to buy the things that they want. Working a minimum wage job and not having much to show for it can also encourage them to continue on with their education.

  • Yes, it is good for high school students to experience the workplace

    Allowing high school students to enter the work force is a good idea and gives them the opportunity to experience many different types of employment. This can be very beneficial in helping them decide what career path they choose to take - whether in college, trade school, or some other path. I do not advocate that high school students work 40 hours weeks, but part time jobs in various industries can give them good insights into jobs they may want to pursue or some that they realize they are not cut out for.

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  • School is More Important

    During the school year, students should focus on grades and extracurricular activities. Already, high school students have a packed schedule and don't get enough sleep. Adding a job, even a part-time job, is more detrimental than it is beneficial.

    Most jobs available to high school students are only fast food jobs, retail, or a cashier job. They should aspire to be something better than that. A summer internship teaches good lessons about responsibility and hard work, and it's more relevant to the student's future career.

  • forcus on your studies

    Students should not be working through high school. They should be gathering the social skills as well as better their education. Pushing children to work in high school is one of the main reasons our educations system and children's intelligence is so low. They learn money owns all instead of education.

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