Is it hard to believe that people really think the way they do when it comes to choosing a political party?

Asked by: JRM
  • I think it is

    I think that one of the things that I have learned over the years is that nothing really seems to surprise me anymore. People seem to choose their political parties with no real rhyme or reason. They just seem to pick whatever it is that suits their fancy and that's their party.

  • I find it hard .

    What I have trouble grasping is how people still have faith in a republic form of government. They vote for a representative, and the rep lies and betrays them. Then they complain about it, and then vote for another rep, and the process repeats, but they don't catch on to the process.

  • Really you fell for that?

    Are you tired of getting called brainwashed, simple minded and stupid for following the political party you chose? I think people use false %'s and things they hear way too much. I would like to hear what people really think a democrate and a republican are, what do you base your choice on?

    Posted by: JRM
  • Sure They Really Think That Way But That's Not the Point

    When people have already made up their mind about one issue and know it's labeled "liberal" or "conservative" without realizing it they tend to put the burden of proof lower for that side for other issues.
    But when you really think critically about it the issue positions of liberals and conservatives are inconsistent. There is no logical reason why one's position on abortion should dictate one's position on foreign policy or one's position on gay rights should dictate one's position on gun rights (unless you're gay and believe you need to have guns for self-defense against bigots, but that's contradictory to the way people usually put their views together, showing that sometimes these "liberal" and "conservative" teams get people putting views together in ways that are less consistent rather than more).
    That so many people stick so closely to liberalism or conservatism shows that people are just trying to conform and are being intellectually lazy and not actually thinking the issues through or trying to establish any kind of logical consistency within their own views. They rather just root for their teams.

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