• Psychologically Most Likely - Physically No

    Physically it is very easy to kill someone, everyone has the ability to aim a weapon and pull the trigger or drive over someone with a car. Psychologically I think it would be very difficult for anyone who is psychologically sound to do so unless they had a very strong incentive such as kill or be killed. So many potential repercussions of killing some would manifest through my mind personally like how is it justified, can the problem be solved without killing this person, how many people am I going to negatively effect by the actions, how is it going to impact me psychologically going into the future, will I go to jail and if I go to jail would it be worth it…

  • Yes of course

    I believe it would be hard for anyone. I think this because even psychopaths and mass murderers show extreme guilt and remorse for their actions. Even terrorists will hesitate when taking lives of others.
    It might not be right away however if they remain alive long enough then they will show remorse and guilt.

  • Yes, but also no.

    If you are a normal human being who isn't some sort of psychopath or serial killer, then yes it is extremely difficult to kill someone. However if you are a psychopath or serial killer like I mentioned earlier, then no it wouldn't be. They get the pleasure out of killing people, so if anything, they would think its easy and would show no remorse to killing others.

  • Yes and no

    I think it goes both ways when it comes to killing. The human race is hardwired to both have a moral aversion to murder and the capacity to commit murder. If given the proper motivation, someone could be driven to take the life of another person. The context also plays a role.

  • Yes and no

    When it comes to killing, I think it goes both ways. Humans are hardwired both to have a moral aversion to murder and have the capacity to kill. Then again, it all depends on the context and if someone has the proper motivation. But which motivations do we consider appropriate?

  • Fuck it, why not

    Well ya know, bang bang with a gun and their dead aye, not that hard to kill someone nowadays with all the quick and effective weapons that are so readily on sale. Don't even have to look at them after you've killed em, just shoot them and turn around. Back before such effective weaponry you had to look at them as you killed them to make sure they were dead, these days just point and fire a load of bullets.

  • Taking a life

    No, taking a life wouldn't be difficult. It doesn't take much to pull a trigger, or slide a sharp knife across a throat. Nor does it take much to snap a neck. Some may call me a heartless monster, but in my opinion, taking a human life wouldn't be hard.

  • It all depends

    If i was a terrorist and i had to kill someone, it would be allot easier than a 12 year old boy being forced to shoot someone. When you take someones life it impacts you in a traumatizing way. But again, if you were a killer as your career then its different.

  • It all depends...

    If someone tried to harm me, or my loved ones, I would not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to stop them. If that involves killing them, then so be it. Scum like that don't deserve to live. Anyone who would harm or kill another, for their own gain, deserves to die.

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