• Yes, it is.

    It is really harmful on teenagers in general to have babies. It is tough on the girls body because they are not old enough and more advanced for it yet. It is also bad for their life because they now need to focus on the child instead of doing well in school.

  • Teenage Girls are often ill-prepared for Motherhood

    Most teenage girls awaken in the morning with daily considerations of school tasks, wardrobe, social circles, and significant others. In other words, they are typically focused on themselves and what they need to do for themselves. As a teen mother, their focus must shift (dramatically) to that of total care for another person. A sudden change such as this, coupled with the loss of their own teenage "freedoms", is a tough hill to climb for teenage girls.

  • Young Women SHOULD have babies

    Our society has been brainwashed into thinking people need to live a certain way and have a specific path, school, cars, house etc.. Then if your eggs arent rotten you have a family. Why? Because now your old and your value has dropped because we focus soley on youth and youthful beauty. Our minds have been twisted for the benefit of industries , which yes include the schools, they are a buisness and we pay them a fortune. The longer you think young is important the longer you buy usless crap from watching MTV, to clothes at target, to the leased car you cant afford right up to your education that you certainly couldn't achieve with a baby!! Its easy to trick young women into the thought process around this. Not to mention the billions the abortion clinics makes. You dont want that baby, but they want your money!! Easy to get you to give it to them when they trick women into thinking that the best thing that could ever happen to them will ruin their lives. This mentality is engrained at a young impressionable age.
    Not to mention, if you can menstruate you can have a baby. Its a good thing people had this mentality when the life expectancy was lower or none of us would be here!

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