Is it harmful for women to marry at an early age?

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  • For happy marriage women must marry early

    Women must marry early when they are still virgin. This will increase her self worth and respect from her spouse, avoid STD and infertility. Bond will grow stronger over time and create family of harmony with healthy children. This is time tested and proven better over other options promoted by evil feminists agenda who have infected media and United Nations.

  • Age isn't the problem.

    Age has nothing to do with when a woman should get married. Getting married young is good for some people while it is not good for others. People should get married when they feel they are ready. They need to be able to put someone elses' needs above their own and know how to work together as a team. When a woman finds someone she is willing to do this with, she is ready for marriage. For some that may be 18 years of age. For others, it will never be the right time.

  • This will be interesting!

    I got married at 17, and let me tell you it has to come from the heart. Prior to getting married I knew my spouse since I was 14. You just have to know what each other morals are and what you truly believe in. Once you understand that, it'll make your life easier for the both of you. So it's not harmful, it can either make you or break you.
    God Bless!

  • No, it's not

    The age is not what is important in a marriage, how mature both parties are and how much they love each other is. Some people are ready for marriage at an early age so regardless if it's a male or female if they feel they are ready then it's completely safe for them to do so.

    Posted by: jus
  • Not a good idea

    It is not a good idea for anyone to get married at a young age however, a woman getting married young is not harmful. A female is usually more mature than a male at the same age. When or if the marriage collapses, she may be more naive about being single but harmful? No. Just not a good idea.

  • No, it may not be a great idea, but it is not necessarily harmful.

    Knowing how to be in a good relationship is in a large part knowing who you are and what you want. There are not many people who know much about these things at a young age, but simply knowing what you are looking for and having someone who is also looking with you can be enough to base a life long relationship on.

  • No its not bad

    It is not bad only if you are aware and you feel ready to be married. One of my teachers told me once get married only if you feel you can be married if you have little doubt you are not ready. I understood that statement when I got married. Right now I have a pretty healthy marriage. If you are prepared at that age and you have full confidence in yourself that you can do it then it is okay for you to be married. But if you are saying early age as in under 18 then no way. I believe you have to be at the least 18.

  • No, if it's a healthy marriage.

    It is not harmful to marry at an early age, provided she's still a legal adult and if the marriage is actually healthy. A woman marrying a man vastly older than herself, or entering into a union without any clear means of support, and other such perils of young marriage is not a good arrangement, but it's a bad arrangement for reasons outside of mere age.

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