Is it healthier to be vegan than vegetarian?

Asked by: lydiaaf
  • It certainly is.

    100% of cows who have their babies ripped away from them at birth to be locked in crates and eventually served up as veal so that humans can drink their mothers' milk will attest that veganism is healthier for them. Ten more words? Human milk for humans, let cows be.

  • It is healthier to be vegetarian or neither.

    Because you need meat, but if for health issues you cant it is better to be vegetarian. I mean vegans cant even eat cheerio's! That is going too far. It isn't healthy to reject those foods. Ask your doctor. Or any doctor! I love meat, but I respect those who cant eat it for various reasons but vegan! :(

  • Of course not.

    It doesn't make sense to say that eating a smaller subset of foods can be "healthier" than eating a larger subset. If being vegan is really healthier than being vegetarian, then vegetarians can just eat vegan food. The argument of the other side has no bearings on health, and attempts to poorly appeal to a misguided personification of cows.

  • No no no

    No no no no no no no no no no no no vegans are communists which is cool but not in the us. If they would go to a communist country it would be splendid. But vegans are stupid. Bet bet bet bet bet bet bet bet bet bet bet

  • It depends on what you need.

    Veganism is not healthier than vegetarianism for the majority of individuals. Statistically speaking, neither vegetarianism nor veganism shorten life expectancy. In specific cases, individuals have experienced problems associated with both diets (however this is not statistically significant). Generally speaking, there exists enough food diversity to supplement most dietary choices. Excessive consumption of fatty-meats can also cause problems for individuals. It is often best to balance dietary choices and consume foods which are nutrient dense.

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