• Yes, though unnecessary

    Despite ridiculous arguments to the contrary, vegetarians can live perfectly healthy lives without receiving the sustenance of meat, especially with all of the modern alternatives out there. It is, however, a first world luxury and an expensive lifestyle choice that many do not have the opportunity to pursue. It is healthy, but no less healthy than any other diet.

  • Yes it is.

    It is healthy for people to become a vegetarian. There have been many studies that have proven that you do not need to eat meat to get all of the essential nutrients that your body need. There have also been plenty of studies that show the more meat you eat, the more chance you have gf gettting cancer.

  • Yes, for some people at some times.

    Everyone needs to know his or her body and its requirements in order to work well. For some people and for some times in life it is perfectly healthy to eat strictly vegetarian. However, one has to be careful to eat enough different kinds of food and perhaps supplement with vitamins and minerals.

  • Yes it is.

    When done right it is plenty healthy for someone to become a vegetarian. They just have to make sure to get the right nutrients they are missing from the lack of meat in something else like a vitamin or supplements. They just need to find good replacement foods for what they need.

  • It is healthy for people to become vegetarian.

    It is healthy for people to become vegetarian. As longs as you consult a dietician before becoming vegetarian so that you make sure that you have all your nutrients that you need to stay healthy, you should have no problem not eating meat and staying healthy. There are plenty of ways to get protein these days that doesn't involve meat.

  • Vegetarians can be healthy

    Eliminating animal products from a person's diet has the potential to be equally, if not more healthy than diets that contain meat. Vegetarians who supplement their diet to include the recommended amount of protein with such things as beans or nuts will be just as healthy as their meat eating counter parts. Further, they eliminate the risk of many food born illnesses such as Salmonella.

  • Meat contains nutrients vital to life.

    I do not think it is healthy for people to become vegetarians. Meat contains vital nutrients in order for us to be healthy. It is also the best source of protein. When people become vegetarian or vegan they are getting malnurished and are not allowing their bodies to receive proper nutrients and protein.

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