Is it hypocritical for feminists to be Christians?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • The bible is terrible.

    The bible blames all women for evil and the fall of Eden. It says women should worship their husbands like the do Jesus and Yahweh. It says women should not teach and should be quite if a man asks her. There are plenty more examples. People say "oh that's the old testament", well it's the new testament to. Now I understand that there are many reform Synagogues, Churches, Mosques etc. Where these values are not shown. But any self-respecting women's rights advocate should not be citing bible verses to defend viewpoints on marriage and abortion.

  • Yes very much so

    Is God a sexist? Let's look at the evidence. We find this in 1 Corinthians chapter 14: As in all the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. Keep in mind that the Bible's misogyny has affected society for centuries. The United States constitution, for example, was originally drafted to specifically deny rights to women. Women could not even vote in the United States until 1920, and only then after decades of battle in the women's suffrage movement.

    If you think about it, you will realize that there is something quite odd about this situation. In spite of the fact that the Bible is supposed to be God's eternal Word, modern human beings totally reject God's sexism. Modern human beings completely ignore God:
    •We make women the CEOs of major corporations.
    •We elect women to high government offices.
    •We appoint women as presidents of universities.
    •We fill our schools with female teachers.
    •We allow women to speak freely in church.
    The contradiction should be as obvious as a lighthouse here. There is no ambiguity. We do all of this in direct defiance of God's Law in the Bible because we know God and his "eternal word" are completely wrong. We know that God is imaginary.

  • Not when hermeneutics is applied

    Hermeneutics, for those of you who don't know, is the process of properly interpreting the scriptures. This may sound like I'm just trying to make excuses, but when analyzing everything a proper perspective must be brought to the table or something can mean anything you want it to. That's one of the problems with this post.

    The Bible in the New Testament (the new covenant which is the scripture to be most applied modern day) has reasonable reason for the things it said. Keep in mind that the books that make references of "women not speaking in church" or women "submitting to men" also contain contextual importance. For example, when the Bible says women shouldn't speak in church that's doctrinally ignored modern day. Why? Well the reason Paul wrote that in his letter was most likely because in those days women didn't really have any right to be going anywhere but to buy food or staying in the house unless she was traveling with her husband. The idea that women could go to church in the first place was a great statement of civil rights. Why were they told not to speak? Well, women were generally kept in the dark about things and didn't really know much about what they were going to hear. The bible tells them to ask questions at home because it would be disruptive for women to constantly ask questions about things all the men and a lot of women already knew while someone was trying to speak. So they're told to ask the questions at home for clarification. Why are women told to submit to men? Well first of all it's a misrepresentation as the following section in the sentence tells men to love their wives, and this all gave Biblical support to chivalry. Men were expected to be the protectors and leaders of the house, but when we do an analysis what does the truth become? Men sacrifice themselves for women, and they're expected to be the strong ones for the support of the woman. They're expected to love them. What about that puts the woman behind the man? Naturally there are other things that people could object to, but I don't feel like typing much more.

  • All lies on extremes

    For so many of these debates, there always seems to be extreems that can be one but the general can be the other side. In this an extreme feminist may start to devalue the Bible and teachings, but the general non extreme feminist that may just be pushing for equality in many social areas can be a christian.

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