Is it hypocritical for pro-life supporters to be against pro-life programs like welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc?

Asked by: jakscrow
  • You can't be pro-life

    If you support war, owning guns (why do you want to own a gun? To shoot to protect, whether is it to kill or not). You can't be pro-life if you support the death penalty. You can't be pro-life if you do not support welfare programs (as the majority of welfare recipients have children and you wouldn't dare take away their access to healthcare, food, and a roof over their head, would you?).

  • Pro-life is an oxymoron.

    Pro-life is an oxymoron. Many pro-life people don't support welfare, safety net programs which are by definition pro-life programs. These life programs are designed to help people in times of struggle or to get back on their feet.
    Pro-life supporters care more about the pre-born than post-born depending on their ethnic background and socioeconomic status. Pro-life supporters don't understand what pro-life means which is to support all people not just the pre-born and soldiers.
    Pro-life supporters are one of the most hypocritical groups known to our single race, the human race.

  • Yes they are fucking hypocrites.

    If we don't have abortions are we supposed to let these kids starve to death and men shouldn't even be allowed to have an opinion on abortion.Not white rich men.Screw that.Nobody should tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body and I can't believe religion isn't dead yet and it's even worse that women are religious bc the bible says it's ok for rape and not ok for women to talk in church and they must do everything Thier husbands tell them come on now we all know the bible and religion was made to make money and control the masses.And the government needs to stop giving trillions to billionaires.And cutting programs for the poor last yr ppl I know had $15 cut each from Thier food stamps and trump is gonna cut even more to make up for his tax cuts for the rich.When are the poor and middle class gonna wake up and see the billionaires are using taxpayers like slaves.Time to take our country back from these tyrants.

  • Allow me to play Devil's advocate.

    First off let's get one thing off the table: I'm pro Abortion in a primarily Conservative city where Christian values and morals are placed on a pedestal.
    So I suppose to foreigners It may seem hypocritical to be against abortion and public assistance BUT many people here are very fond of Child Services (Foster care) and Adopting children from the US and would rather adopt Domestically for a child who would be able to react for both Biological and Adoptive family for support and assistance.
    Also, most conservative ARE NOT ANTI-PUBLIC ASSISTANCE(welfare), most feel like it is a safety net when times become hard but should not be used more than 16 months.

  • "Pro-Life" is just a stage name.

    Pro-life supporters don't exactly support all life. It's just something used to represent how they feel about their vote. Pro-choice voters don't say everything should be a choice either. They say you should pay taxes whether you like it or not. Don't take these names seriously, they're only there to make political issues slightly less complicated.

  • They are not.

    Pro-life are protecting the helpless. The people who are alive may attempt to build a life for themselves. The ones in the womb have no such option, as they actually have to develop to the point where they may be detached. Considering that the recipients of welfare/food stamps are often rewarded for having children with an increase in amount given (No, really, look up the numbers.), they are going to reproduce like there's no tomorrow, which perpetuates the problem, especially because there is more money when there is no father. In short, killing those programs would teach the explosive breeders to knock it off. Suddenly, marriages would become more common, and more (proportionally; the overall population would drop) children would (hopefully) have a stable family.

  • No it's not

    Welfare does not improve lives. It promotes laziness and stops capable people from getting jobs. Poverty in cities with lots of welfare is through the roof. That's why I am against it. I dislike poverty. I'm an Independent. I am pro life. I'm anti war, anti abortion ect. I want to improve lives. I believe that people who can afford it should give a little bit of their money to people who need it--on indian reservations, in inner cities or in other countries. And many wealthy people do donate. But it's not the governments job to tell people how and when.

  • Its a difference in perspective.

    Neither of these views are reliant on the other. And being against welfare in no way means you don't care about the poor. There are other ways most conservatives believe that programs like welfare should operate on a smaller scale and our society should focus more on charity that is far more beneficial and efficient.

    There is also the issue of dependant on the government. A person who is reliant on the government to feed themselves can be easily manipulated what's the saying don't bite the hand that feeds.

  • Pro life means pro life not pro programs

    Just because you don't agree with a governmental program that stagnates individual improvement does not mean that you are unwilling to help the suffering or those in need. There are people that truly do need the assistance but there are many many more that lack the motivation to better themselves simply because they don't have to.

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