Is it Hypocritical of Americans to Love Dogs & Cats as Pets, Yet kill & eat all types of meat from other animals non-stop?

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  • NO we don't eat dogs and cats

    Think about it. Mosquitos, And rats who spread bubonic plague are also animals. So are sharks and alligators.
    The other issue here is all the animals that cats kill. And cats don't only kill animals to use for food. Cats enjoy chasing, Hurting and torture-ing small animals of prey, And we LOVE our cats, Ever so!
    I don't really know why I really love my cat, But it is not because my cat is good and deserves love, It is because loving makes me feel good.

    There may be good reasons why it is hypocritical to love dogs and cats and eat other animals. But if you can see these reasons, You must be on a high dose of meth or angel dust.

  • There is a natural food chain.

    While I personally don't eat meat, I believe that it is part of human nature to consume livestock. These animals are born and raised for the sole purpose to be eaten. Domestic animals are born and raised for our companionship. People have the right to choose whether or not to own a pet just like they choose to eat meat or not.

  • Clear bias in question.

    Assuming the common understanding of the definition of hypocritical as "behaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case", Then no it is not.

    Putting morality aside, Different animals have different values to humans. Emotional support and companionship, As well as hunting are the values of Dogs and Cats. We do not breed them to eat them because they are far more useful for those purposes than to breed them to eat. If we were to do that, The energy put out would not equal the energy they would provide.

    Cows on the other hand, Do not hunt things and are hard to train. Their inherent use comes from their bountiful meat and dairy that they can provide. In fact, Humans and cows have developed in cohabitation with humans. Much of the development of modern civilizations is linked to animal husbandry.

    In summation, People do not eat cats and dogs because it is rooted in not morality, But the energy that is required to do so. No matter how the issues culturally manifests, It's not hypocritical as it is not a moral issue.

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David_Nichols says2020-10-28T18:26:31.887
Humans have the right to eat, Or not eat, Whatever animal they like.

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