Is it hypocritical to be one of the "everyone deserves a mother and father" people (anti-gay) and not adopt?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • If you are not adopting then why stop those that want to adopt?

    Yes, this is a very hypocritical statement. If you are stating that everyone deserves a mother and father and that gay couples do not fit this category, but yet you will not adopt, you are part of the problem. Everyone deserves a loving family in general, it should not matter the sexual preferences of the family as long as they love the child or children.

  • Yes, it is.

    People who believe that everyone should have a mother and a father should not have their own children. There are plenty of children out there available for adoption. If your opinions in life will not allow a gay couple to adopt, then you should adopt some of these children. They need a home from somewhere.

  • Yes, people need to adopt.

    Yes, it is hypocritical to be someone who says that everyone deserves a mother and a father and then refuse to adopt, because a person who says that adoption is important needs to be willing to adopt. Many people will say that abortion is terrible, but these same people need to be willing to adopt a cocaine-addicted minority child.

  • They don't care about the children until they're useful

    It is indeed hypocritical to advocate such an idea but not take any action on it. Really, just like with abortion, this is nothing more than a cover up and way of continuing in their hate. In actuality, they do not give a hoot about children who have been orphaned other than when they can use them to make a point.

  • Yes it is hypocritical.

    Yes it is. There are orphans out there in bad need of loving parents and it is wrong of anti-gay advocates to promote a position that would deny these orphans from being adopted by a loving, possible parent. I do believe all would-be parents should be screened thoroughly before the adoption process is complete, to protect the children, but gay people can make awesome parents!

  • It's clear they don't actually care about the children involved...

    ...So much as the fact that not everyone adheres to their religious views/moral standards. If the well-being of the children were the actual crux of the argument, then everyone who seriously held that view would at least be taking steps to ensure that children stuck in the foster system actually got into a good, caring home rather than sitting there until they age out, and wind up with absolutely nothing to show for their entire childhood and adolescent life. Literally *millions* of children are stuck in that system, and have little chance of actually getting adopted. People who actually care *know* this. It's highly hypocritical to be aware of the appalling nature of this system, and to attempt to decry homosexuality as not allowing the children who might actually be adopted by these homosexual couples while at the same time refusing to do anything to help those children themselves, instead leaving them to rot in the foster system.

  • It's way too deep an issue, and you should focus on other things

    There are many things in the world to be focused on then this "tin foil hat" issue, of combating GLBT community by not adopting. Hello, isn't abortion a worse issue? Why don't you adopt to fight abortion? so you think that that supports GLBT couples? Well, they will get kids illegally if that's your attitude.

  • No it's not

    No I do not think it is hypocritical to be a "everyone deserves a mother and a father" anti gay people and not adopt children themselves. Those people just think that kids should be raised by a man and a woman. It has nothing to do with them adopting kids. I think that the anti gay train of thought is just morally wrong. If someone wants to give a child love and family, who cares if it is a gay couple.

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